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two (2 ) Bad services

First was when I went to the grocery store with my kid. We were going down the candy isle cheerful as can be when we came to those little cheep toys some groc stores have. You know like cheep pretend jewelry playing cards and so on and so on. I decided to let my kid pick two out. She's been really good lately so I decided she deserved a treat. No big.

Well a clerk thought it was big. I indicate the selection of toys and clearly say 'pick two sweetheart' to my kid. Fine right? Uhhh nope. Kid reaches for one she wants clerk GLARES and yanks it back from her. Kid reaches for it again thinking clerk is playing a game. Hey kid's four so she doesn't know what a bitch is or a dickhead or asshole or nothin like that. So I can see her thinking.

Well Clerk GRABS it back again and Glares at kid. Before I can even say "uhhhh maybe you should pick another one instead " to my kid my kid grabs it back. Now I can see both A what's going on and B what my kid is doing so when the clerk glares again and reaches to grab the toy I can kind of understand and I would have told my kid to pick a new toy instead but then this was said.

"Stop it you brat!"

Who said it? Well it wasn't me or my kid so you take a guess. That's right the clerk.

Kid says "Mine!" and I say her first name sharply because even when a clerk is being a jerk 'mine' doesn't cut it in my family.

Clerk glares and says "I said STOP you brat! It's NOT yours!" I glare at clerk and finally say "pick another one instead honey" to my confused kid.

Kid picks a new one that is NOT the one the clerk was so grabby about Clerk goes insane.

"Lady control your brat or I will have security escort you out!" Is growled at me.

I calmly say "She's not a brat I said she could pick a toy and she will pick a toy. In fact I said she could pick two so she will pick two."

Clerk says "Lady control your spoiled brat or leave!" confused I wonder if I missed kiddo doing something naughty like sticking her tounge out or something.

So I calmly ask "How is she a spoiled brat?" as if I give two shits right now.

the clerk's answer is "She's a spoiled brat because I say she's a spoiled brat! She grabbed something from the shelf and from me that does NOT belong to her."

Now I'm getting mad so my voice gets louder. not yelling or even shouting but louder.

"They will be hers once we pay for them that is if you will let us take them so we can pay for them!"

and I wheel the basket elsewhere to finish up. In the end I decide my kiddo's treat would be something the clerk couldn't snatch from her because she wouldn't be there. McDonalds to eat and play on the playground. Playground has a ball pit . kiddo loves the ball pit.

Second suck is there. right in the middle of McD's.

Now to understand the suck you need to know this. recently my niece who is five visited. She got a regular meal when we went to McD's. Chicken nuggets (9 piece) fries and a drink. (she doesn't like the toy offered right now. )

So when we order I'm about to get kiddo a happy meal when she pipes up and asks if she can have a 'big people meal' like her cousin did. I say OK because it's only lunch time and if she can't finish I can heat it up later.

Clearly the person taking our order didn't think it was so OK. Because this happens.

Order taker : You SURE you want to do that?
Me : Umm... Yes? *confused is there a better deal maybe?*
Order Taker : So you want to give your KID all that food?
Me : Um.....yes? *still confused*
Order taker : You sure you want to give all that to such a BIG girl? *wink wink*
Me : What??? *no she didn't say THAT she just means my kids not a baby yeah... that's it*
Order Taker : *repeats herself louder*
Me : I am sure. Now please just give us our order and while you're at it please get your manager.

Now no my kiddo isn't a twig but she isn't fat either. She's perfect. Doctor says so.

Manager comes up I explain the problem he says OK he'll take care of it. gives us the meals free.

Well we get our drinks and whatever and I over hear this from Manager and Order taker.

Order Taker : but she was like gonna give all that food to her kid! That's just wrong!
Manager : It's none of your concern. If that pig wants to turn her kid into a fatter smaller version of her let her.

Needless to say I took down the head office number and we didn't eat there we asked a different worker for togo bags and left.
Tags: "i'll not be coming back here", *fast food, beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, cool story bro!, crab battle, dialogue seems slightly... exaggerated, disbelieving horde demands proof, i call crazy bananas!, omg this like totes happened you guys!, proofreading is for squares
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