BadgerBabe (badgerbabe) wrote in bad_service,

Bank Suck

My brother was checking his bank account online when he noticed that there were two $60 ATM withdrawals on his account the day before...while he was at work. He knew he didn't make the withdrawals as his debit card was in his wallet in his pocket he didn't know how anyone else could have either. So, he did the sane thing and called his bank. They told him he'd have to come in to fill out some paperwork. He gets to the bank and they are not helpful at all. He fills out the paperwork but they tell him they have no way of proving if he took the money out or not because the money was not withdrawn from one of their ATMs. (Basically they were accusing him of lying about how the money left his account but why would he ask for a new ATM card if that was the case?) I call BS on this. ATMs have cameras. Whether it was their ATM or not, shouldn't they contact the other bank and ask them to look at the footage? It's been two weeks and they still haven't updated him or given him his money back. I think he should go to the police but the footage has probably been erased by now.

ETA: My brother lives in a big city, it's possible the ATM didn't have a camera but not as likely. The bank didn't give him any advice. If they did and he'd ignored it, I'd smack him. Something similar happened to my sister last year. Someone used her card in a store 3 states away and the bank card company immediately called her to see if it was her. They canceled her card and filed a report. She never figured out how it happened since she still had her card. They refunded all her money. My brother's bank, on the other hand, acts like they can't be bothered to help him.
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