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Dell is driving me nuts! *grrr*

I posted a story about Dell not too long ago and believe me when I say it hasn't gotten any better. After spending a week of talking back and forth with several people someone finally called me back concerning my complaint that I filed online.

I was told to ship it back where they would re-assemble it and replace the cover since it was scratched during the repair. So I did.

The agent who was doing the follow up called me to say that it was working but not repaired as requested and that it would be sent back.

I was called back the next day to advise me again that the motherboard had a liquid damage on it and that it would cost me 500$ to fix it. Again I told them not to repair it, and asked why they were calling since on the repair form all specifications were clearly indicated concerning my case. they BS'd me for a few minutes and I simply told them I wanted my computer assembled and with an OS as I had shipped it out in the first place.

That was last Wednesday. Where's my computer? I have no clue.

I added a post-it on the repair sheet specifying to ship it back to a specific address because last time they left the box outside so I indicated my work adress so I can pick it up.

My guesses are:

1. was delivered to my old address on Friday and was stolen
2. was delivered to my old address but no one to pick it up was returned to the HO of Purolator and are trying to call a number without voice mail since Dell didn't change the address in the system as I requested
3. was lost somewhere in the repair center where a bunch of monkeys are trying to figure out what to do with a broken computer that only need to have it screwed back together
4. was lost in transit

Overall what this means, I'm going to spend my evening fighting with Dell... again... Its a good thing I have the number and extension for the agent who did the follow up. I would want to go through the nut house again!

What can one do to have someone help me out. This has been ongoing for 2 months now. I'm sick and tired of being pissed at Dell.

Calling Consummer Protection Agency? The media? (I know a few shows here in Quebec that just loooooove this kind of bad experiences)

What would you do?

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