Feyna (caligogreywings) wrote in bad_service,

health department woes

I haven't posted here in a billion years,

I go to my health department for lady stuff. I need The Pill, and had been going to the one in Sylacauga. I moved to another town about 2.5 hours away, however, and one day, went to the one here to schedule an appointment, and to go ahead and give them some time to have my records faxed over, since our state does not have them online. I tell them where I went, schedule the appointment for 3 days later, and head home, thinking, hey, I did stuff in advance, all will be well!

Thursday comes, and while I'd intended to double check that the records would be there, I've been busy with the upcoming holidays, and I figured I'd just have to have faith in the system. Oh boy. The files weren't there. The intake lady figured out we had gotten the wrong fax number, so we call them and then get the correct fax number. So she refaxed the original release form, and called them back as well. Hey, could we have her files, pls? Kthnx. We wait. And we wait. She faxes a second release form, just in case. Alas, no files.

So, we call back.

Well, you see, it was just so busy there in Sylacauga, they hadn't gotten to it. They might be able to get to it soon. Maybe. If they got not busy.

By the time I'd been there 2 hours, no fax had come. So I reschedule, and the lovely ladies at my new Health Dept say they'll call Friday, as well. I'm to come back Tuesday, which was today.

Guess what happened today? Oh, you guessed it. Sylacauga's been soooo busy, that they could not find time to fax my records over, which btw, I have to have for them to do *anything* without redoing my exam, despite having Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, all day Monday, and half of today as well. I'd purposely scheduled a later appt just in case.

They called, today, and were told it's just so darn busy. So we wait. I get seen by the nurse, she takes my vitals (I lost 10 pounds!), and asks did I want to get a new exam? Ugh, no please? Really, I had one a bare 6 months ago, and while I'm normally a big girl about these things, I am just not doing well with Xmas, my birthday, New Years, AND major family drama. I go back out to reschedule, but call Sylacauga myself, in case they get a free second. Could I please have my records? Oh, you're busy. Could you maybe fax them right quick? Maybe? Yes, you're busy. Yes, you're short-handed, I understand, I do. But I'd like to get my Supply, and not feel like a crazy hormonal lady with killer cramps?

Long story short, I have another appt Monday. I will call Sylacauga every single day if I have to. I know it is a busy time, but they have nice new fancy fax machines that can take an entire stack of papers, and fax them one piece at a time all by itself! It takes all of 30 seconds to set up. I really need my records, because they *also* have the results of the thyroid cultures we had done.

Tl;Dr-- Moved from one town to another, have been waiting a full week for my records to be faxed over, have had 3 trips to the Health Dept. Still do not have my Pill refill, and do not want new exam, kplsthx.

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