Meg <3 (poutyshorty) wrote in bad_service,
Meg <3

Telephone company woes

So, our telephone company gave us the run-around after our phone line dropped out completely.

I have dial-up, so I need the phone line up and running to connect to the internet. I also do my university work online by correspondance, so another need for the internet.

Not that long ago, I walk into my room and notice my computer is telling me that I've been kicked off the internet. I click reconnect and it tells me there's no dial tone. I pick up the phone and indeed, there's no tone. This has happened before and the dial tone has come back, so I waited. AND waited. A couple of hours passed, and still no dial tone.

So I got out my cellphone and ring the company. I'm put on hold for ages (their phone service is terrible, but there's no other way for me to get in touch with them), and FINALLY get put onto somebody. This was annoying me because I was on my cellphone, and it was costing me money to sit on hold.

I tell them we have no dial-tone, and the guy asks me if other people on our street have the problem. I tell him I have no idea... does he want me to go next door and ask them if their phone is down? I was confused, couldn't HE check?

The guy does some checks and tells us there's a problem with our line (really?!). I ask when somebody can come out and fix it. He tells me NEXT WEEK (this was on a Monday). I ask if it can be a bit earlier then that, as I need the internet for school. He tells us it's a busy time of year and nobody can come out till next Monday. I'm very annoyed at this, but there's nothing I can do. They organise to have all in-coming calls directed to my phone.

The week passes (I'm very bored without internet and I can't work on school stuff unless I go to the library), and Monday comes again. I call the company again, and ask when a technican will be coming. He tells me Wednesday. I tell them that they told me Monday, and I need my internet back as soon as possible. Then the guy tells me I should get broadband.

Um, excuse me? The reason I'm on dial-up is because I can't afford broadband. The guy tells me dial-up is rubbish (like I don't know that!) and broadband is much better. I just tell him to try to get the technician out as soon as possible if they can.

Wednesday comes, and NO technician. I'm getting really sick of this, and call them again. The guy tells me there'll be definitely a technician out tomorrow. But nope.

FINALLY at 4pm FRIDAY, my phone and internet are back on. But it's been longer then they said, and they didn't offer to reimburse us for the time our line was down (our internet and phone are both with them) or anything. I think we should have been reimbursed for the time we couldn't use the phone.

The bill came and it was the full payment as usual - despite our phone line being down for two entire weeks almost. Gahhhhhhh.

I'd change companies, but they're one of the only companies left in NZ that offers affordable dial-up, as I still can't afford decent broadband. I'm just annoyed they messed us around and then didn't even offer to take something off our bill.

And you know what? I never found out what exactly was wrong with our line, as it was only our line and not the whole street. Very strange.
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