ultimate_cin (ultimate_cin) wrote in bad_service,

Walgreens rant

Over the weekend, I was working on a scrapbooking project, and I had to get copies of some pictures made from a CD-ROM. So I zipped on over to the Walgreens near my house - walked over to the machine, put the CD-ROM in, selected the pictures I wanted copies of, and placed my order. The machine gave me a ticket for my order and I was just getting ready to walk over to the photo counter (where nobody was) when the photo lab employee came walking up to me (very slowly) from the front of the store.

Employee: *looks at my ticket* Oh, I don't know when we'll have your pictures ready.
Me: *gives her a WTF look* Why not?
Employee: Our machine is down, and I don't know when we'll get to your pictures.
Me: *sarcastically, because there was no sign on the machine saying 'Out of Order' Oh, I didn't know that.
Employee: *totally oblivious to said sarcasm* Yeah, I know, I couldn't get over here quick enough to tell you.

Ummmm - hello???

I promptly canceled the order and went to Meijer, where I had the photos I needed done in less than ten minutes. I can tell you I will never be going to that Walgreens again.
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