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Punished for being a good customer, wtf

I have my monthly bills planned out in advance. We used to get paid once a month, but when husband shifted companies [same job, different company XD], it went to 2-week cycles. So I have a nice little mini spreadsheet type thing to keep the bills organized.
Our first paycheck in November was on the 6th. As always, two days prior to the paycheck I went and schedule payments ahead for Best Buy and another card that takes a few days - all to be paid on the 6th.
Payment goes through, it's not due on husband's card til 11/29. Balances go down a bit. I assume everything is fine. Right?
Wrong! I log into husband's best buy account at the beginning of this month to see if we have enough money on his card to purchase something we're both wanting. There is a $39 late fee on the account, posted 11/29. Huh? Husband calls in, and is told we paid too early (!!!) and that they don't consider it a payment if it is paid 'too early'. They told him not to make payments prior to the 6th of the month. ... do we see the problem with this?
The supervisor he talks to 'kindly' reimburses us half of the $39 fee.
Going to make our next payment two days ago, and there is a $47 past due fee [I don't think we've ever been late paying his card. EVER.] in addition to our regular payment amount. That pretty much sealed it for us - we're going to pay off the card and not use it anymore, as we have a brand new shiny card with a ungodly high limit from our credit union.
WTF, HSBC, WTF. [since it's not Best Buy that's screwing us over, but HSBC]
Tags: cool story bro!, credit cards, didn't read the box/sign/instructions
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