sammyfrank (sammyfrank) wrote in bad_service,

small WTF

My friend and I went to Bugaboo Creek Sunday night for dinner. We sat down and ordered drinks (coke) and ordered our meals. My friend drank his coke pretty fast, and a few minutes later the waitress brought him another coke without him asking.

The meals came and I was still drinking my original drink, and it was pretty low. I kept hoping she would just bring me another one....but nothing. We got there pretty early (5pm ?) and the place was almost empty so it wasn't like she was super busy.

A few minutes later both of our glasses were empty, the waitress came up to the table, looked right at my friend and asked him if he would like another drink. He said no and she walked away without asking me. And I was still eating my meal. I would have asked her for a refill but (1) I was a little caught off guard and (2) she disappeared like a ninja and we never saw her again until I was done eating.

Unfortunately it wasn't me paying the bill because I wouldn't have left the full 20%....
Tags: *restaurant, you gotta speak up
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