sea_haven (sea_haven) wrote in bad_service,

No No and helllll no!

When one goes into an adult store, one usually asks for help when,(and if), they need it.

If you, oh very creepy man, had simply asked me from a few feet away if I needed help....everything would've been fine. Do not ever creep up behind me, and make obscene remarks on how wonderful the toy is that I'm currently looking at...and on how you'd be glad to give me a demo after you get off.

It's even more creepy when you demand to see my drivers license, when I am paying in cash, and you had no freaking reason to ask in the first place.

And people wonder why I carry pepper spray.

*Edited to add*

This store has a check in booth at the very front(manned by someone totally different. Before you're even allowed in, you must show your license proving that you're 21, or no entry. As I was paying in cash, he had no further reason to ask for id.
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