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Fed Ex & Smart Post & USPS &

TL;DR: I get dicked around by FedEX/Smart Post about a package that should have been delivered Dec. 5th and is possibly MIA but no one wants to admit that and continually tells me its on the way or to wait to hear from someone.

On November 21st I placed on order for a cheap set of bluetooth stereo headphones. My Credit card was charged on that date. It took several days to get the package out to Smart post. Its typical of them so no worries here. On November 25th it goes from Dallas TX to Houston TX, took 3 days but whatever. Its on its way. It then sits in Houston for a while and tThen it arrives in Martinsburg, WV on the 27th." YAY! It's on the easy coast!" I think excitedly. "Surely it'll be here on the delivery date of Dec 5th!"

Then it all goes quiet. The 5th rolls past with nothing (no delivery or update on the website) but on the 6th the shipping information is sent to my local post office here in NJ. I get excited and expect it to be delivered or able to be picked up on the 7th. I get home from work and there's nothing. No "oh we missed you!" slip, no box, nothing. So I log onto FedEx's website to find the tracking number and maybe the post man just forgot to leave a slip or it blew away (windy day) but it's still at the post office waiting to be picked up.

I am greeted with "Arrived at Local Post Office- Allow one to two days for delivery". Excited I begin to note the number since my Post office is open late mondays. Then I notice something odd. The location says "Virginia Beach, VA". buh? I'm in NJ and the shipping info was sent to my post office... why is it there?

So I call up FedEx. They tell me I have to call Smart Post and give me the number. Slightly annoyed I call Smart Post and get a very helpful guy (so so I thought). I tell him the issue and he seems just as concerned. He says he'll put in a delivery exception. My package will get to me in 3 days or by the 14th at the latest. Disappointed, I thank him and he lets me know that the system will be changed and I won't know where the package is via the tracker site until I get it. Sure enough Dec 8th, the next morning the website says "Delivery Exception" and I get all happy. My headphones are on their way!

So the 11th goes by with nothing, as does the 12th, 13th goes by but we get no mail on sunday. 14th comes and nothing. So now I'm really mad. I bough this as a secret santa gift for a party on the 19th. I thought I'd ordered with more then enough time. So I call Fedex again.

The lady I talk tells me it MIGHT have the wrong shipping label and that I need to call the company I order it with to have it fixed. I tell her that she will be helping me fix this since has an email and no phone support and I've already been told that this was on it's way to me. She takes my information and tells me that someone will get in touch with me in 24-48 hours. I thank her and wait.

We come to today. The 16th. It hasn't been the full 48 hours but I'm tired of being told to wait and being dicked over. So I call Fed Ex AGAIN. I'm seething. I'm so angry that I want to reach through the phone and hurt someone but I'm at least polite to the dude that answers. I explain the whole situation and say "I simply would like to know where my package is." He apologizes over and over again and tells me that I need to call the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE because they cannot help me. To which I get hot about. I ask him if I had done that when here was the first problem with the package would it have been fixed. He says "probably." So I ask him why FedEx has been dicking me around for nearly 2 weeks. He says that he sorry and gives me the number to call.

So I call the USPS. Their phone system is ridiculous and runs me down 5 different dead ends before I start telling it to put on a live person over and over again. Yeah dickish but I'm frustrated and I want to talk to a person. I get a person on the line after a while on hold (which is fine. I don't mind hold so long as I don't get hung up on). The guy takes my information and tells me "Someone will contact you in 2 business days." I ask him if they will tell me where my package is. He replies that he doesn't know but I have to wait 2 business days. Pissed I still thank him and hang up.

While this is going on I contacted I tell them I haven't received my item and that I want my money back or they need to help me fix this situation. I get a generic email about they can't refund my money until the 18th and they are sorry but I need to contact Fedex about the package. So I reply back saying that I will start chargeback procedure with my bank and I will never use them again.

So we come to the right now. I've started chargeback with my bank and I'm waiting for my phone to ring. Who knows if I'll ever get this stupid package. I guess for this party I'll have to go out and buy something in a store. Too bad those headphones would have made my secret santa really happy. >.
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