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Two more fraudulent charges. I'm calling them up to get a new card. AGAIN.

(Update: Turns out charges are posting from my old credit card account and being forwarded to my new one without my knowledge or consent, most recently today. What is the point of changing account numbers if the banks just forward fraudulent charges from the old account onto the new ones, and you STILL have to file disputes?

I had the bank send me yet another card before discovering this; now, once again, I can't access my credit line because of some dipshit. The most recent charges turned out to be registration for a domain; I'm in the process of writing a letter in which I demand IMMEDIATE takedown, demand revocation of the domain (place it in registrar lock so they can't get it back), the refund their rep agreed to provide me (along with a reminder that if they don't do it, my bank will take the money by force out of their account), and a demand to remove my name from the contact info. Yes. They forged MY GOOD NAME onto their shit scam site. The four scam charges that spurred my last rant turned out to be to one of those printer toner scammers, who will probably also be receiving a refund demand from me shortly. Too bad I don't think I can use a DMCA takedown notice, but I know how to write, and I can make this look really damn scary).

Edited to add:

The demand letter they got:

From: (whodoyathink?)
Subject: Demand for Refund & Immediate Takedown/Revocation of Fraudulent Domain Registration

(A copy of this complaint has been faxed to:)

Mr. Anthony Lindsey
Billing Manager
Aplus.Net/Abacus America, Inc.
10350 Barnes Canyon Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121
Fax: (858) 410-6928

March 14, 2005

To whom it may concern:

On March 10th, 2005, two charges posted to my MasterCard account (last six digits, xx-xxxx), in the amount of $58.36 and $62.95, respectively. These charges were forwarded to my currently-active MasterCard account, which replaced the former account number due to other incidents of fraud, without my knowledge or consent.

I spoke with one of your customer service representatives (ticket number 68408) by phone, and was told that my card would be refunded; I have also opened a dispute with my credit card issuer, who will force a charge-back of the disputed funds from your merchant account in the event that you do not act quickly to restore the stolen funds, which are causing a reduction in my available credit that I do not appreciate having to contend with. I am keeping a record of this correspondence for provision, if necessary, to my card issuer as proof that I have served notice of fraudulent activity to you.

Note that I will immediately dispute any early-contract-termination fees or account cancellation fees that may appear on my account, as I never signed any contract with for any hosting or any other services whatsoever, and am not in control of the account fraudulently registered with my credit card. I also refuse to pay any late fees on the account that will inevitably accrue if my card remains associated with the account and the charges are rejected. Any attempts at such fraudulent activity will be reported to the authorities as well as to my card issuer.

The stolen funds were used to purchase hosting and/or registration services for the domain were purchased, the domain duly registered with the Internet's root nameservers, and my name fraudulently and illegally assigned to the contact information for the domain. Please refer to the attached WHOIS information and your own usage policy, which states that users may not "falsify user information provided to …" and that users may not "use services for illegal activities" ( Therefore, in accordance with the first indicated part of the AUP (see attached copy), I attest that the information associated with the domain is falsified, and demand that the information be immediately be removed from the public records associated with this domain; and that in accordance with the second indicated section, an illegal activity has been performed using your systems - namely, the forging of my true and correct signature, which I have affixed to this document below. [fax version only]

Finally, I have noted that the fraudulently-registered Web site, which is listed as having been activated on March 9th, remains active as of this writing. As I have worked with domain names in the past, I realize that it can take up to 48 hours for DNS updates to propagate through the system; however, I would appreciate swift action from in deactivating this fraudulent domain name, both its hosting, which can be done immediately (I wish it rendered unreachable from the Internet at large), and revocation of the registration itself so that it can no longer be resolved.

I look forward to receiving confirmation that the above demands will be rapidly met and that the funds will be swiftly returned to my account. My correct contact information is provided below.

Jennifer Scott

Daytime phone: (not posting to LJ)
Fax: (not posting to LJ)

I sent a simplified version of this to Neovi, Inc. (without the domain stuff, that is), the other company who fraudulently charged my card. Several hours later, neither has contacted me. The illegal website is still running. Apparently the words "I have been scammed" and "My signature has been forged" and "I demand a refund" are too fucking thick for these idiots. Quick to TAKE your money, slow as fuck to refund. I'm calling both again tomorrow, directly to management, and THEY WILL KNOW that I want my money back Right The Fuck Now. Don't like the fact that I'm making them do work? Too fucking bad, they should have contacted me right away.
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