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Reoccuring Optometry Annoyance

Background: I live in a fairly small town. We only have one optometrist, and wouldn't you know it, he's the only one my insurance covers within this or the three surrounding towns. I despise this man. Not only is he the only optometrist in town, he's also head of the town's chapter of the Lion's Club, and he has...something to do with the Board of Education. (This is important.) My father's been going to him for years because Dad's on the verge of glaucoma, and I started going to him when my eyesight started to deteriorate when I was in my freshman year of high school. I haven't had any problems with him until I graduated though, because my mother had always taken me beforehand, and he's a bit afraid of her. (She's very intimidating.) After I moved in with my father, got my drivers license, and started attending my appointments alone, he evidently could no longer hold back his opinions.

The last time I went during my year off..from everything..I went to my optometrist appointment and after a lengthy personal call to his daughter while sitting in the exam room with me, he rounded on me. I remember this because I'd never been so insulted by a doctor in my life.

Dr: Dr. S.

Dr: Are you in high school?
Me: No, I just graduated in May. (It's about September.)
Dr: Wow. You don't look old enough to be in high school, let alone in college. You are in college, aren't you?
Me: Nope. I'm taking a year off.
Dr: What?
Me: I'm taking a year off. From school. I'm trying to get a job but---
Dr: WHAT? WHY aren't you in COLLEGE?
Me: Because I---
Dr: Is your father James ******?
Me: *briefly wonders if she'll be able to get her answer out.* Yes.
Dr: He's a wonderful man. He works so hard so he can provide for you to go to college. WHY AREN'T YOU IN COLLEGE? I KNOW HE WANTS YOU TO GO!
Me: Because I---
Dr: I'm with the Board of Education and the Lion's Club. Do you know what percentage of your graduating class isn't in college?
Me: No.
Dr: TOO MANY. THERE ARE TOO MANY OF YOU NOT IN COLLEGE. UGH. Look, I'm going to write it down for you. What did you get on the ACT test?
Me: *does not want to answer* I...didn'
Dr: *glares* WHAT?!?!?!
Me: See, I hadn't planned on going to---
Dr: Well you can still take it! It'll cost you, but you can still take it! Then I want you to go to this website *Writes down "TAKE THE ACT, GO TO -WEBSITE- on the back of a business card* then I want you to apply for this scholarship. *writes down APPLY FOR -SCHOLARSHIP- on the card* DO IT TODAY. TODAY. Do you understand me?
Dr: Well. It'll be January before you can get another pair of frames. It was good seeing you. Tell your father I said hello. Have a nice day! :D :D :D

Needless to say, I threw the card in a drawer when I got home and completely ignored what he wanted me to do. I did end up in college, but not because of what he said. So, you can see why I would have been reluctant to go see him again. However, as he's STILL the only optometrist in town, and the only one my insurance covers for miles around, I had no choice. I did feel a bit better about going today as I was armed with the fact that I really AM now in college and have a pretty good GPA going. I figured I'd get out of there unscathed. Boy, was I wrong. The minute I sat in the chair he walked in and said "I have to make a call." and proceeded to call someone else and talk to them for a good ten minutes. Ten minutes might not seem like a lot, but when you've got other places to be.....Anyway, when he finally gets to me, he proceeds to tell me about what his call was about. Um. O..kay...This is NOT where it ends, however, as that would not have warrented a post. Then he begins another spiel where he completely rendered my awesome new GPA totally irrelevant.

Dr: Dr.
Me: Me.

Dr: You're in college, right?
Me: :D Yes, I am!
Dr: Good. Good. Did you have to take any remedial courses?
Me: *gets suspicious* Yeeeessssssss?
Me *Oh, hell* I wasn't so good at math so---
Dr: Only one, right?
Me: What?
Dr: You only had to take one remedial course, right?
Me: *Just say yes, he'll never know!!* No, I had to take two. *CRAP*
Me: Um---
Dr: What was your GPA in highschool?
Me: I don't was pretty low...a 2.5, maybe...But I have an awesome one now!
Dr: You're our target audience. You're the poster child for this.
Me: *Do I really want to ask this?* ...What?
Dr: I've been appointed by the Board of Ed. to create a program to make it so that less of our graduates have to take remedial courses in college. We're paying for scholarships and we're having to pay for kids to take remedial courses, stuff they already learned in highschool. What I want to know is how we, as a community, can change this. You're the posterchild for this. You have a solid support system, come from a wonderful home, are a smart girl, but apparently just didn't get it.
Me: ...o.o I'm...sorry?
Dr: What was your graduating class?
Me: '07.
Dr: Do you know what percentage of your class had to take remedial courses?
Me: Um....50%?
Dr: 78%!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me O-oh. Well.
Dr: Taking that percentage into account, do you know how many didn't have to take remedial courses? This is a math problem, don't get confused. That's FIVE PERCENT.
Me: Wait, five-----
Dr: *goes into specifics, begins to repeat himself "You're the posterchild, you're our target audience, I'd like to know what we, as a community, can do to help" and I tune out*

We come back in towards the end of the exam, finally, and he says:

Dr: So you like bling?
Dr: Your necklace, earrings, and your pants look pretty fancy. (They have butterflies and rhinestones on the left leg.)
Me: Oh, um...I...guess. *Did...did he say "bling?"*
Dr: And your nails are painted. I like painted nails. My wife never paints her nails. I suppose if a guy wanted you he'd have to buy you some bling.
Me: *May have overreacted and got a little unnerved by this line of questioning*....I...guess.....
Dr: Yeah. You'll have to get you a good man so he can provide for the family when you have kids.
Me: Ew. Kids. Marriage. No.
Dr: .....*looks down at me* If you want to be a big girl, you have to start ACTING like a big girl.

I find it amusing and frustrating that he never actually asked me a question, and even if he had, I never had time to answer him. I go to him so he can check my eyes, not so he can tell me how to live my life. Definitely not so he can insult me. It's my choice whether I want to get married, have kids, or go to college. I DID decide to go to college, to better myself. So what if I had to take remedial courses? And, what, I'm not a big girl unless I'm married and have lots of kids?
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