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Time Warner

We've been having issues with our cable TV for a while. My husband thinks it's the actual cables running into the house, and we've been trying to get Time Warner out here to re-run them, but that's a whole other story. In the meantime, we call them when it gets REALLY bad and none of the channels work to complain. Last month, they apologized and set up an appointment to rewire. They also offered us a promotion they were having: Cinemax and HBO for free.

I declined, we never watch Cinemax, and I'd forget to call back and cancel it after the free month. They pushed and pushed and finally I just agreed. We already had HBO, so I asked if the HBO would be free for that month as well, they say yes.

I call back the day before the free month is up to cancel Cinemax, they push and push and push for me to keep it and finally I tell them that frankly, paying $20 for channels I don't watch isn't something I can afford. They finally cancel it.

Our bill comes out a week or so later, and guess what's on there? Cinemax and HBO. The HBO I could deal with, but the Cinemax wasn't even something I wanted in the first place and only opted for it because it was "free". We never even put the freaken channels on during that month.

I call them, and I ask what's going on.

R: Rep for Time Warner
M: Me. Hi!

R: Well we bill 1/2 a month in advance, so buy your next billing cycle, it will drop off.
M: Ok, but... I don't want to pay for it.
R: You're NOT paying for it, ma'am. You'll get a credit toward your next bill for it.
M: I don't WANT a credit, I didn't even WANT the channels, I don't think it's fair you're billing me for something that's free. It's silly for me to give you the $20 or whatever it costs just to get it back in a month. How bout I just don't pay it?
R: Fine. Then subtract that and the HBO from your bill and pay whatever current charges are left.
M: Okie dokieee. Is this going to show as a past due balance? Because I don't want any issues with that, since my bill is all caught up and paid for. I never pay the 1/2 month in advance stuff, I just pay my current charges.
R: It will be fine, you have to be 30 days past due for us to issue you a notice to give you another 30 days before we turn it off. By the time the 1st 30 is up, it will fall off your bill.

My husband calls back the next day just to double check, and he's told the same spiel. So I pay the bill, minus the HBO and Cinemax (which totaled around 32.00.) This month comes around, we get the bill, I paid it on Friday. They haven't taken it out of the bank yet, but I figured with the weekend it might not go out until tomorrow. Ok, cool.

Get my mail today, there's a termination notice from Time Warner, saying we owe them: 32.89. That we're past due and everything will be shut off on the 22nd.


Seriously? I tried calling over there, the lines are busy, but I'm annoyed. I paid my current charges for this month, if they take $32.89 out of that, I'll constantly be 32.89 past due. Whyyyy didn't this clear up? It didn't show up on this month's bill.

Blah. I'll update when I call them again later on.

TL/DR: Time Warner offers me free channels, bills me for them, then says I'm past due for not paying for them.

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