Jessica (bloodyheartless) wrote in bad_service,

Free Soda That We Paid For? o.o

The other day before heading out Christmas shopping, my mother and I decided to stop off for breakfast at the place with the clown named Ronald. While waiting to place our order in the drivethru, I mentioned to mom the "Get a free coke glass with an extra value meal!" promotion they had going on. Mom asked me if I wanted one, and I thought, why not? I think this is where it went downhill.

My mom asked about the promotion, and the worker explained to her that the promotion only works with the lunch menu. Okay, no problem, but in the process of explaining that apparently our order became confused, even though it was correct on our receipt. Mom orders a number three, and being a breakfast meal, it comes with a hasbrown and a drink. (Imagine that!) I just wanted a drink and a bacon biscuit. Everything's fine until the young woman at the second window gives us our order. She only hands us one drink. It goes like this: mother.
W: The original girl handing us our food.
M: Manager

Mom: *grabs bag of food and the one drink and hands it off to me, then holds out hand for other drink*
W: *turns to us with a completely different order and tries to give it to us*
Mom: No, you just gave us our order. We just need our other drink.
W: What other drink?
Mom: I got one drink, but I didn't get the drink that was supposed to come with the meal.
W: Um, let me get my manager. *disappears into the abyss*
M: *comes to window* What's the problem?
Mom: *getting sort of irritated by this point* I ordered a meal, and a sandwich and a drink. I got the one drink, now I need the one that goes with the meal. Please.
M: *sighs and throws hands up*.....What drink did you want, now?
Mom: A Dr. Pepper, please.
M: *disappears into the unknown*
W: *reappears and hands mom a drink and attempts to hand her another bag*
Mom: What is that? *gestures at bag*
W: I don't know. She just said to give it to you.
Mom: Well, I don't need it.
W: You don't want it?
Mom: *glances at me* No?
W: *yelling presumably to her manager* SHE SAID SHE DON'T WANT IT!
M: *appears at window* So you didn't want the meal?
Mom: No, I wanted the meal---
M: *shoves bag at mother*
Mom: No, look, I just wanted the drink I paid for.
M: Oh. So, you just wanted a free drink?
Mom: *looks shocked, glares, drives off*

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