everybody's satellite (when1wasaboy) wrote in bad_service,
everybody's satellite

Fairly minor Bad Service that is making my life disproportionatly difficult

First, I realize Christmas is hell on earth for people in the package delivery business.

That said, seriously, UPS, what the fuck?

Ok, first delivery attempt, 12pm. Husband and I are at work. They leave a note, saying they'll try again tomorrow between 1 and 4. When my husband and I are _still_ at work.

Cool, no big. I figure I'll give them a call to reschedule. So I call the re-schedule number. Finally get someone and tell them I need to schedule a delivery for later in the day.

I'm told this is no problem at all, and what time do I need the delivery? Husband gets home around 5, so any time after 5 is good.

The next day, I get home to find a slip on my door. "We tried to deliver at 11am."

...Ok. I still have one more try. I call again.

Sure, no problem, they'll deliver after five.

Except when I get off work, there's a "last chance delivery" slip that says they tried to deliver at 1pm, and the package is now at the pickup center.

So last Saturday we check the location (45 minutes away, hurray!) and drive over. The 'net says they're open Saturdays 10am - 4pm. We show up around 2. Door's locked. Lights off. No one's around. Posted hours on the door say 10 - 4, no Christmas hours posted.

I call again on Monday and am told they WERE open between 10 and 4, no they don't close for lunch, and she has no idea what I'm talking about because she worked the full shift that day.

My package is stuck at their office. They're only open 10-5 Monday - Friday, which falls straight in my work hours. I can't get off work early to pick up a package, especially during the holidays. I'm going to try again this Saturday, but it may have been returned to sender at that point, and who knows if they're open.

And I got another slip on Friday, saying they are trying to deliver something else.

(For the record, my family now knows to send via USPS, and I'm trying to get UPS packages delivered to my work. Just seriously annoyed by this)

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