Infected Model (infectedmodel) wrote in bad_service,
Infected Model

Best Buy.

The DVD in our bedroom fell to it's death last week (thanks Mr. Kitty), so we finally decided to get a new one this weekend. We went by Best Buy, as they usually have a better selection than Circuit City and...Wal-Mart (which we try to avoid at all costs).

We find a really nice DVD player with a special offer. Purchase that DVD player and get 2 DVDs for free. The huge yellow tag on the rack was for that particular DVD player, we made sure. Also said the 2 free DVDs would have to be from their "extensive" selection on "page 6". We went to the front of the store to grab their weekly ad paper and on page 6 were digital cameras. So we got a sales associate to ask about it.

After being ignored for 10 minutes, this guy finally came over, looked at the yellow tag (which did not have an expiration date on it) and said "oh this offer ended last week". He then rips the yellow tag off the shelf and walks off. Another employee witnessed what just happened and went and got us a manager. (She was wonderful, the 2nd employee, not the manager.) The manager treated us like absolute shit. It took us 45 minutes to explain what happened (repeatedly) and why what the 1st employee did was wrong. How can somebody not understand this? He then turned away from us to the store manager and said "help these stupid crackers"!!!!!!!!!

So finally, after much bickering (and a threat to complain to corporate) we were allowed to get two free DVDs with our purchase. However the asshole store manager only let us choose from 3 older movies that are $5 at Wal-Mart. No way in hell was last weeks "page 6" just three movies. But whatever, I'm still issuing a complaint. Not because of the DVD selection, but because of how we were treated and the little racist comment thrown in there. If we had said anything of the sort to them...all hell would break lose I'm sure.

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