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In keeping with the trend...

I may as well post my own post office bad_service!

We have lived in this house for close to 7 years at this point. And throughout these 7 years, we have had CONSTANT issues with our mail carriers (contractor job that they put a bid in to deliver the mail). Some of our issues are not their fault- the fact that on about 5 separate occasions, my father mailed me a copy of my birth certificate, yet it never arrived. The fact that my brother mailed me a certified check on Halloween one year, and it didn't arrive until a month later (Mailed from NJ to TN). Thats an issue with USPS itself. But it just adds to our aggravation with our postal carriers.

our postal carriers are, quite often, too lazy to deliver our mail properly. My husband receives his medications by mail from the Veterans Administration. Some of those medications require a signature. The number of times when i have been sitting, in the living room, watching out the window when i see the mail vehicle pull up to the mailbox, and when I go out there is a slip in there saying no one was home... about once every 3 months or so. because they were too lazy to pull into the driveway. And when they DO pull into the driveway? they honk their horn and expect us to run out to them. Many times, when my children were younger, we specifically asked them NOT to blast their horn, because we have a baby that takes a nap... and they still do it.
Any time we get one of those missed delivery slips, despite the fact that someone is home, we have called to file a complaint.

A couple of weeks ago was the last straw. My husband, our kids, and I were out for the day, but my father was home. When we got home, we found packages on the front porch, and a missed delivery slip in the mailbox. I asked my dad, and he said he heard the doorbell ring, and he went to answer the door, and by the time he got there (figure about 20 seconds, as he walks with a cane) there was no one at the door, but there were packages there. One of the packages was supposed to be coming via UPS, so i thought perhaps it was the UPS guy that left the packages, and the mail delivery person didn't bother to ring the bell (our house is 80 feet long. If she simply honked, chances are, he would not hear). Either way, we called and filed a complaint.
A couple of days later, I hear a honk, and i go out to the mail vehicle. She had a package for us in addition to the mail. She then starts off with a major attitude. (ML= Mail lady. K= me.)

ML: Oh, and I don;t appreciate you calling and saying i didn't come to your door the other day! I left packages there, how can you say i did not come to the door?
K: At least one of those packages was supposed to come via UPS-
ML: UPS doesn't like delivering to these outlying areas, so many times they give them to us to deliver! I have always tried to give you good service, i really do not appreciate you calling and complaining I didn't come to the door!
K: It is nothing against you, we have had so many problems in the past of-
ML: those are substitutes that do that! I have never done that! I have always tried to give you good service and i really do not appreciate you calling and complaining I didn't come to your door. The van was not here!
K: the van was not here, but my father was, and-
ML: Well it is not my fault he did not hear the doorbell! I rang the bell! I left the packages on the porch! i don't know how you can say i didn't come to the door when i left packages on the porch! I have always tried to give you good service!
K: It is nothing against you. We have had so many issues-
ML: Those were subs!!

at this point I just walked away, with her still ranting about how she has always tried to give us good service, etc. I told my husband about it, he called in a complaint, and a couple days later the head of the post office for our town called to ask some more questions. Apparently we are the first to file a complaint about her giving an attitude etc. of course, when ML was asked, she said she was real polite and pleasant. I explained to the person calling that no, she started off with a MAJOR attitude (think the sort of attitude you would give someone accusing you of stomping their beloved pet to death, when you did no such thing). Though we were the first to formally file a complaint, she had heard of this mail lady giving others attitudes, though that was always like, third hand (through the subs and other mail carriers). she also said that despite her being Mail lady's boss, mail lady has said things such as "You cannot tell me what to do!"

Another issue we have had, and we are not sure exactly which carrier does this, is one of the carriers shoves as much in the mailbox as possible- boxes (like, for books and stuff) as well as all the rest of the mail, to the point where you cannot close the door to the mailbox, and you have to fight to get the mail OUT. and if there is anything left over they cannot cram into the box, they will leave one of those missed delivery slips.
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