wickedkatze (wickedkatze) wrote in bad_service,

Minor rental suck?

I live in a dorm and rent a combination microwave/mini-fridge from a company that carries these appliances as well as bed lofts. Normally these are rented for an entire year, but they make exceptions for people who have to move out at the end of the fall semester, which I'm doing since I'm studying abroad next semester.

The only day the company was doing pick-ups on my campus was this past Tuesday. (I'm not going home until midway through next week, so I'm without a fridge for about a week, but that's a minor annoyance, and I'm sure they have a good reason for picking things up early. A few weeks ago I reserved a 10 a.m. time slot and they told me someone would be downstairs at SW (the name of my hall) to pick the fridge up at that time.

Tuesday morning, however, I got a call from the guy who was doing the pickup, saying I should bring the fridge over to LF (the dorm across the street) for pickup.

Here is where this arrangement got problematic.

If I only had to take the fridge downstairs, it would not be a major undertaking, since the elevator is literally twelve feet from the door of my room, and it would be a pretty simple matter to "walk" the fridge over to it. This new arrangement meant I had to check out a laundry cart from the front desk, bring it upstairs, and somehow wrangle the fridge into a car that had three-foot-high sides so that I could schlepp it across the street to the other building.

Had I known this was going to be the arrangement when I made the time reservation, I could have called on someone to help me load up the fridge, but when I called the company I was specifically told they would be at MY BUILDING, not the other one. As it was, I hurt my back trying to load that damn fridge into the cart.

Does anyone else think this constitutes bad service, or am I just being cranky because of my sore back? :/

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