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Comcast....still sucks

So I had Comcast cable tv and internet, but decided to cancel the cable tv. Called and was told no problem, it will be shut off Dec 8th, it's all done outside I don't have to be home. A week ago I went onto the Comcast live chat just to confirm that they were ONLY shutting off the cable, I work at home and need my internet access. Yes, all set.

Dec 7th I get a computerized call from Comcast saying they will be coming by on the 8th between 11am and 1 pm to install the new service, and someone has to be home. Huh ? I called Comcast and was told again, no you don't need to be home, you're all set. But then an hour later they called and said Oh no, you do have to be home, someone has to verify that the internet is stil working.

Ohhhkay, I make last minute plans to be home from 11-1... and at about 11:01 am I see two Comcast trucks in front of my house - great ! They are out there for about 3 minutes, then they both leave. I'm thinking, are they coming back? Were they the ones I was waiting for ?

Once again, I get onto the live chat with Comcast, the woman says she will check, but never gives me any definite answer if I still need to wait around or if they are done. Luckily I still have the internet access, and at that time the cable was still working, so I'm confused.
Later that night the cable finally went off, but why was this so difficult ? I feel like I should have just not paid my bill and had it shut off, it would have been much easier ~

UPDATE: I don't have a cable box, so I didn't have to return anything. I complained to Comcast today and was told they would credit me $20 for being inconvenienced... And I came home from work tonight and my cable is back on again (!) Maybe it's free now ?
Tags: comcast is crap

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