New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote in bad_service,
New England 'til I die

This story was posted in Customers Suck today, but it was suggested I put it here. Enjoy.

Hello everyone. This past week I was in Montreal, and I had an incident with a bartender over a tip. I did work as a busser for a couple of months a couple of years ago, but I would like to know the general feeling of my little incident.

So I am at a bar in Montreal, and I just ordered a beer. The bartender hands me the beer. I pay him and sit down at the bar. Now typically I tip the bartender at the end of the evening. The previous two nights I had done this, one of which was at this bar with a different bartender, so I am pretty sure what is about to happen isn't a cultural thing.

The bartender looks at me and says "You know bartending isn't free." I give him an odd look. He then says "You are supposed to tip the bartender who gives you your drink." As this processes through my head he stands in front of me, staring me down. So I reach into my pocket and give him a $1 coin. He says thank you and walks away. I drink my beer and leave the place.

I was originally going to stay longer and give him a larger tip, but I was offended and turned off by him essentially demanding a tip. I can understand that a shitload of college kids go to Montreal (just about everyone in our hotel were spring breakers) so I can imagine he can get screwed over. But demanding a tip?

When I was a busser, I would never think of asking for a tip. Was it right for a bartender to ask/demand a tip? Am I right to be offended by the request? Has this happened to anyone else in the community?
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