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Cell Phone Service Suck!

This is a witnessed suck:
My parents are trying to switch to a different cell phone carrier, they live in a remote place and some cell phones don't work out there. But this mall kiosk claims they do and that they have customers in their area and they haven't had any complaints. My dad goes over with the manager that he will want a full refund if it doesn't work at all. Well turns out the phone doesn't work in that area at all, so not even 48 hours later they drive back here at tell them the phone doesn't work at all out there and says they want to return it. I wasn't there when the whole thing started but from what I was told:
There is a lady working and she's obviously upset that they don't want to use their phone company and she's trying to talk them out of it. Both keep telling her that their service is not available where they live. She keeps going in circles with them about the phones and everything. So she gets fed up and ignores them completely.

I then showed up and my parents were waiting for the woman to refund them. She's trying to get a phone case off of the phone and just hands it to my parents saying they need to do it because she can't. Now my first impression was that she was sick and sniffling I'm thinking...ew gross. She's wiping her nose with her sleeve so gross again. I noticed that she didn't seem to want to help them at all and also didn't say anything for about 5 minutes. She was just completely ignoring them. My mom at this point is pissed and kept making comments about the situation. I kept trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and just told my parents that she's just doing her job and I'm sure she's just trying to go through standard procedures. My dad is trying to ask her a question and she doesn't even acknowledge that he's there. She just keeps on doing whatever it is that she's doing.

But then she gets out a contract and says they're required to pay a restocking fee. They remind her that they spoke with the manager and gave her his card and told them the situation. She then tells them 'well i don't know about that you are not getting it back." so my dad at this point explains to her what was said and the arrangement that was made and told her that he had documented proof which he showed her. She refused to look at it and proceeded to tell him that he "can call customer service and argue with them about it."

So at this point my mouth drops. It's not like they can come back tomorrow they live quite a ways away. So my dad calls customer service and lets them know what's going on gives them her name and everything. They again tell him that the manager is going to be the one to reverse the charges especially since the phones didn't work at all. While my dad is explaining the situation she decides now is a good time to talk to them and starts trying to talk to my dad while he's on the phone. My mom tells her to wait and she could have told him all this stuff when he asked her earlier but she didn't. So customer service wants to talk with her and she gets snarky with them too. It comes time to do the refund and she snickers because they are only getting some change back. My mom is irate at this point and I'm not even going to stand in their way. She goes off on her, the girl is just standing there ignoring them. So I keep trying to tell them let's just go they got the refund I can come back tomorrow for them and talk to their manager.

Ok so their managers fault for not giving them any documentation but he gave it to my dad directly and said give this to who ever is here you won't have any problems WRONG! She was sick and I think that's what brought out the attitude if your sick stay home. I am a manager at a hotel and I get yelled at for less than that. Never before have I seen anyone act so rude! My goodness, you'd think she'd at least be sympathetic or at least just take the documentation. She just kept saying it's not acceptable. WTF? It's the effing manager that gave it to him! But no clue what happened because my parents decided to call the manager themselves. I hope she got fired.

EDIT: Since we are highly sensitive to the whole don't come to work if you're sick thing I was ranting. But seriously bad service. I don't think that you should hold someone else responsible for your attitude. Don't have to be chipper and happy, just courteous that's all.
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