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To clear things up:

Firstly, timer is on boyfriend's iPhone. Oven timer is moar lulzy, so you can keep picturing it :P we use a timer sort of for the lulz, but also to time how long our food is. I don't get how some comments were saying using a timer is weird, but went onto say complain after a certain amount of time? Timer is used for that...

Secondly I wasn't clear, but the 3 hour service was another time, also on a saturday night for dinner. We did constantly ask for food, but it was always hard to get attention of the waiter, and they promised it would be 'soon' we were broke and so hungry, we waited because we couldn't afford anywhere else and were told it kept coming soon.

Thirdly, we only go back during lunches, because usually service isn't too bad. We've never received service that bad, as I said unfriendly staff is bearable, but waiting 45 minutes to be told our order never went through, and the waitress being rude is untolerable.

We've never been back for dinner after waiting the 3 hours.

now that's cleared up, back to the story for those who haven't read yet...

So I'm sitting in a restaurant while writing this. Food is great, service is great, staff are friendly. So why am I writing in bad_service? This is the second restaurant I've been to this afternoon.

So there's this place in the city, that serves really good dumplings. We've (my boyfriend and I) have NEVER had good service there. The worst was when we were waiting 3 hours for 2 plates of dumplings, however the bill was delivered like a minute after we ate.

The bad service hasn't deterred us from the place, food is good and cheap, we've decided to use it as a 'lunch place' and unfriendly staff wouldn't usually get in the way.

Not today.

We walk in, and we ask for a table for 2. No smile from the guy, he doesn't say a word as he points us to a table. Soon after a waitress gives us 2 menus. My boyfriend tries to tell her we're ready but she ignores him and walks away...oookay...

She returns not too long after to give us chopsticks & she takes our order.

We get our drinks straight away, and the waiting game begins.

My boyfriend always keeps a timer out, ever since the time we were there for 3 hours.

So we wait, and wait, and wait. We had been waiting about 45 mins for 2 plates of dumplings (which usually takes about 10) and we realise that people who had been seated AFTER us had gotten their food.

So my boyfriend calls the waitress over and asks if there's a problem. With no expression on her face she just replies 'I'll check'

So she disappears for a few minutes, and she comes over with some menus.

Once again, same blank face, no expression in her tone.

This is where the real bad service & dialogue begins.

M: manager
W: waitress
B: boyfriend

W: order something else, we're out of what you ordered
B: wait, so our orders aren't coming?
W: no, we are out.
B: are you serious? Why didn't we hear this 45 minutes ago? We're leaving.

So the waitress just walks off, and we walk up to the counter to speak to the manager.

As we did, we saw the manager yell at the waitress.

M: sorry about this, look I'll let you have the drinks free, as you'd probably expect. I'm sorry this happened.
B: yeah, we should have been notified as soon as we ordered
M: yes you should have *gives evil look to waitress* I'm sorry this happened. Have a good day.

While we took a risk by going somewhere that's given us bad service in the past, even the 3 hour one didn't make us as pissed as we are now.

It's not only the fact that we waited 45 minutes for nothing (which made us miss our movie as we had to come here to eat) it's the fact the waitress didn't think she had done anything wrong, got a little pissed at us and didn't even apologise or show any emotion about it.

P.S. I know I didn't really react to the situation, but my boyfriend covered it and I only added a few 'yeahs' in.

The place I'm at now is really great, so great my boyfriend left a $10 tip and is now in a good mood :)
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