Savvy (tayliah) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy

So the shopping bug hit and I decided to go out and buy a new digital camera (since I dropped my faithful Kodak and it now lives on in digital camera heaven - the trash). I decided on a Canon PowerShot A510. $199 at Best Buy. And oh look, there's a deal right now - get a 128mb card with your purchase, free. Cool, consider it mine. I get to Best Buy and start browsing the digital cameras. Wait and wait for someone to come over. I realize workers are busy but 20 minutes and i'm getting ansy over here. A guy comes over and asks to help. Certainly. I ask him what features this camera has as opposed to my old model and brand, and also what new features could i expect out of this? He reads the display and then caps it off with "It's just like most digital cameras". (Wow). I disliked his ignorance of the product but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's new. I tell him i'll take it along with the 4 year service plan (I thought that was a smart move this time around). I tell him I need to run over and grab "The Shield" season 3 on DVD and he suggests we meet at specified register. I agree, run over and i'm back. He's disappeared. 15 minutes later, he's back. Ok, maybe he thought i'd take longer. He rings me up and then produces this receipt looking thing and tells me it's an online survey and asks if i would fill it out and rate his performance.

Me: Okay sure.
Him: *nodding his head* I'd appreciate it if you gave me all 5's. *toothy smile*

I didn't know if i should bust out laughing in his face or tell him that as a customer I was offended - that was too bold for my taste (I may expect that from someone I know working retail, but not a stranger). I was non-responsive due to shock.

Do you agree that was out of line?
What do they get out of that anyway?
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