Cindy (rockabillyjean) wrote in bad_service,

I'm sorry, it's about the post office.

So my boyfriend and I are trying to get a big box of goods together to send to the troops who don't get a lot of holiday goodies and have asked some friends to help us get some things together that they need over there. Most of the boxes from our friends have arrived in good shape and in orderly fashion. Except for the one uninsured box.
Hey Mr (or Ms.) Post Office worker. I'm sorry your job sucks so bad that you had to rip apart a box and steal half a package of tube socks and all of the magazines inside then just put a rubber band back around it. Yeah I know "there's nothing you can do about it" because it was uninsured, however you're just screwing over our troops who specifically asked for those items and now they don't get them.
Nice job there skippy.
Ok I honestly don't care if anyone wants to take the post office side. I just have no reason to believe my friend would ship a ripped mostly empty box.Having been screwed by the post office several times I have no trouble believing it was totally them. Having had to speak with them a few times and seeing their quality of behavior on the job and craptastic attitude I still think it's them, recession or not.
Tags: circumstantial theft/damages, postal service, shipping shenanigans
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