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Really? REALLY?

First time poster, long time lurker.

Now, I just want to say that I'm very tolerant of most anything. Being a cashier, I know how it feels to take crap from customers and thus do my best to be courteous when I'm on the flip side of the transaction. However, that doesn't count for anything on the internet and the sales made there, usually.

Being interested in lolita fashions, a friend of mine steered me toward a site called bodyline. They were having a November sale where any order over $50 would be without shipping fees. For anyone who's ever bought something from overseas, shipping charges can be quite hefty, sometimes as expensive as the item itself. I had some extra money to spend so I decided to shop around. I found a lovely tail coat set I was interested in, as well as a dress to get my friend for Christmas.

Now, the site doesn't have set sizes, i.e: Small, Medium, Large. They have the measurements of the outfit in centimeters and inches for the customer to compare to themselves, which is fine. I will admit, I'm not exactly thin, more borderline husky/kind of average. After perusing the sizes available, I measured myself to the largest one and found that it would fit me! Yay! My friend is a petite size, so I didn't have to worry about her dress. I ordered both on Saturday, November 28.

They arrived today via DHL Express (which is a post for good_service, as they missed me this morning and actually came back this evening instead of waiting until tomorrow). Excited, I go to try on the outfit I ordered....and it's a Medium size. Wait...I ordered the Large size. I know it was large, because the measurements they had for this coat were the highest numbers compared to the others.

I think "Ok, no big deal. They sent me the wrong size. I'll pack it back up and send them an email about an even exchange." And I go to the site to get their information. And I see this at the bottom of the page:

Exchange or return
Our shop dose not accept any exchange or return.

We do not accept any return and exchange. Even if there have some mistakes from us.(for example,size have a little different with the product.)
Actual size of the clothes may be slightly different from the measured size, we do not accept return or exchange based on size miss measurement.

Um...what? So basically, even if it's their fault that something went amiss, they won't give any exchanges or refunds. So now, I'm out the $62 spent on this coat. Fortunately I have a friend interested in buying it for the price I gave for it, but I'm still pretty pissed about this.
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