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Way to go

This probably is minor bad service and maybe they were having an off day but it still irritates me. My birthday was this past monday and a week- week and a half prior to I went to a local grocery store and walked up to the Bakery. I asked if they had the ability to bake said cake with a pick up date for tuesday the day after my birthday as I had a lot going on the day of and did not think I would be able to swing by monday and pick up the cake.I ordered a 3 layered, strawberry filling, vanilla cake with whipped topping. All was well and we left with a date of Tuesday pick up at 12. Birthday comes and goes and my mom heads off to the bakery to pick up cake.

My mom gets the cake and notices the error right away.They used buttercream icing and I am not a fan of buttercream and told the lady I did not want buttercream. So the lady in the Bakery proceeds to inform my mom that's what we ordered. My mom then told her no it wasn't and in true fashion, my mom knew I would not be happy with said cake. They made the cake with the wrong frosting, and it was plain sloppy. It looked like a five year old did it in 5 minutes.

Bakery lady then explains someone had made tarts and used all of the whipped topping because they were not aware of a cake being made with whipped topping and they did not have time to make it prior to noon so they had to use buttercream. They then charge my mom full price of the cake. My mom brought the cake home I took one look at it and said Oh my god take it back. The buttercream was too overpowering and made the cake taste horrible.

I called the store and informed the manager I was not satisfied with the cake and explained we had ordered it a week prior to the birthday. We ordered whipped topping and got buttercream instead because of the error in the bakery. I then proceeded to inform him we paid full price for the cake which looked and tasted terrible. Words were misspelled, it was sloppy and looked rushed. Not once did anyone call me before making a substitution on the frosting and I even informed the bakery clerk I do not care for buttercream and not to put it on the cake. I could have dealt with the wrong frosting even though it's not what I wanted but the quality of the cake was horrible. The bakers attitude also did not help by insinuating I was lying about what I ordered. I understand things happen and substitutions must be made but no one informed me of it and they had a week to work on the cake. It looked like it was done right before we got there.

The manager offered to refund the price of the cake which was amazing on his part and he agreed that they should have contacted us before substituting so he did give us the money back. I would have been happy with even a partial refund or discount on the cake because it obviously wasn't what I wanted or even ordered so I had a huge problem with my mom paying full price for it. I was not with her when she picked it up otherwise she would not have paid for it because I would have walked out without the cake. I can honestly say he made the situation a lot better but I doubt I'd ever entrust them to make another cake for me.
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