plumptious (plumptious) wrote in bad_service,

Taxi driver accuses me of giving him the wrong address and leaves me!

I dont usually get treated so bad that I think about stuff once im home, but today was an exception.

Just some back ground notes: I have been living in canada around a year and a half, dont drive and very rarely travel out of the area I live in

So today I had to go down town for a business meeting. no problem.
At the end of the meeting I headed for a cab outside the hotel we had our conference in.
I rattled off my address blah blah street
and the taxi driver says "yes yes" and we set off

20 minutes later he slows down and asks me which house is mine..
I worry a little because I dont recognise the street and tell him "this isnt where I live, I live in a tower"

taxi driver: you told me blah blah avenue
me: no, I said blah blah street
taxi driver: no you said blah blah avenue
me: no, I know my address and I definatly said blah blah street (of all the cabs I have taken I have never been taken to the wrong address, and being as this has been my one address for my whole time here im pretty used to saying it!)
taxi driver: well why didnt you tell me I was coming to the wrong place
me: because I dont drive, and I dont know my way home from down town

anyway the taxi driver rants at me and basicly calls me a liar and starts to drive off

he then asks me how much money I have on me because the place he has taken me to is on the other side of town.
now I did a *little* bad, I lied and said I only had $20, because it was his mistake and I wasnt going to pay an extra $15 when he had taken me to the wrong place and been so rude about it, plus I didnt know how much I would need to get back home, it costs me $20 to the hotel, and he had driven me out of the way in rush hour.
he says "you are ripping me off" and calls his manager

hes just as rude as the driver "well you wouldnt have gone to blah blah avenue if you hadnt said avenue"
so the taxi driver doesnt charge me (thank god he didnt charge me because I would not have had enough money to get home) but tells me to get out. I ask if he has a cell phone I could use to call another cab (I dont have a cell) he says "they wont send another cab for you, use one of the stores phones"

so he left me in an unfamiliar area to find my own way home. it was really upsetting for me, because I literally had no idea where I was, it was cold, and it was dark.

the OH has emailed a complaint, I doubt they will respond.
Tags: you gotta speak up
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