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Would you move your money?

I was matching my bank statement up with my check book the other day, just like I always do, come to find I have been charged $6 for 'foreign atm fees'. Never been charged 'foreign atm fees' before in the past year and a half my husband and I have had this account. It's a paid 'gold' account. I work graveyard shift at a store that has a bank located inside of it, atm accessible all night long and free to use on their part. Every week I take money out when we get paid, never been charged a 'fee' before.

So my husband I go to a location across town because we each have an appointment to see what this was all about. The lady said that their bank charges a $2 fee a pop for using a different atm. I asked her why I never got charged before? She tells me it must have been a glitch in the computer. I asked her for the last year and a half there has been a glitch? So she tries and finds more transactions from that ATM machine, but ironically, she couldn't 'SEE' any. Not 'find', but couldn't 'SEE'. (Because I found them later!).
Granit, the past few months my husband was laid off, so there was only one or two transactions per month, but they are STILL there.

But at this point, I didn't bring any statements with me, and was wandering why she was playing 'dumb' with me. I told her this was a paid 'gold' account, to see if that made a difference and it didn't. I then tell her I don't want the paid account anymore, seeing how it's useless now. She tells me it'll be $20-$50 fee to switch from a paid account to a free account. I told her to nevermind, and after about 10 minutes of fighting with her, AND her superviser that there are transactions from that ATM, I left.

When I got home later that day, I pulled everysingle one of my statements, and marked the ones with those same atm transactions, and looked at my policy for having a paid account. It says I have four free foreign atm fees for a month to use. I count the ones for october, and there are four for that month (there was one from my bank, because I had forgetton to get money out one day before I left. There are five weeks in october).

So I take the policy and my statements and go to a closer location. (I wanted to go to the other one, but it was too far away, and I probably would have popped that lady anyhow!!).
The people at this one know who we are, and were a lot nicer. They said that 'balance inquires' also account toward atm fees, but they waived the $6 fee for us anyways, and told us if we want a free account, they would waive that fee too for us.

But I still am considering moving my money. I wouldn't have an account if we both didn't have to get direct deposit. I don't know if I want my money somewhere, where somebody's going to lie to my like I have 'freaking idiot' written accross my forhead or something.
Now I understand why the $6 was there, now that they explained that to me like I wasn't trying to scam them or something. But the way I was being talked to at the other location made me want to cancel my account right then and there. I still am considering!
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