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iDon't want that... stop iFeeding it to me.

I finally got a hardware upgrade credit from my cellphone providER, and decided it was time to start the process of finding a new phone. I'm tired of my BlackBerry Storm (which, by the way, really has become a lot better than it used to be), and temporarily switched back to my HTC Touch (trust me, these points become quite valid in a moment). Reading various reviews, I've narrowed my choice down to two phones: Samsung Omnia II, or the iPhone.

A brief pause here: I have nothing against Apple in general (heck, I own an iPod Touch), but after a recent discussion on a social networking site, I came to realize that it's the fanboys I can't live with -- those that say the iPhone is the greatest phone ever, and if you want your phone to do anything more than place calls, the iPhone is the only option.

That said, I figured walking into the cell phone shop would be a safe haven from said people... apparently I was mistaken.

Cue script format:

Me: Hi! I am currently a customer, and have a loyalty credit to use on a new phone. I've been switching between the HTC Touch and BB Storm, and want a new device.
Rep: Get the iPhone. We've got it now!
Me: I know you do, but I've hear--
Rep: If you want a touchscreen phone, you want the iPhone
Me: I need a phone that has good reception, as my BlackBerry Storm....
Rep: Don't get the BlackBerry Storm, and don't get the Touch either... the iPhone is much better
(obviously at this point he's not even listening, since I'm trying to tell him I HAVE the other phones)
Me: I already have those phones.. I'm looking for a different model
Rep: Unless you need something for doing a lot of e-mailing for business purposes, you should get an iPhone. $200 for the 8GB for you.
(again, not even thinking of my needs -- even if I were to get an iPhone, 8GB isn't enough)
Me: Thanks

I bolted out of the store pretty darn quick after that. The rep absolutely refused to listen to what I was saying, and insisted I buy an iPhone (not sure if they get extra commission for it being the iPhone, but I wouldn't be surprised after that exchange).

On a happy note, I visited a kiosk in a different mall, and chatted a bit about the new phones they had. The moment I said I was considering the Samsung Omnia II, the rep reached under the counter and put a working phone on the counter for me to play with (yes, even before I asked if I could see it). That definitely put a smile on my face, and I tinkered around with the device for several minutes. The rep was very knowledgeable about the device, and after a brief discussion, I've decided this is the phone for me.

tl;dr First store tries to force me to buy an iPhone and pretend there's no better phone for anyone. Second store does what they're supposed to, and gives me the tools to help me decide.

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