.... she's making little frogs. (kikayume) wrote in bad_service,
.... she's making little frogs.

My husband called up his car insurance company yesterday to change our address with them (for some reason you can't do it online). The agent informed him that he hadn't been insured with them since April of 2009. After nearly having a heart attack (in our state it's required so you can have a license and whatnot) he called me to make sure I'd been, you know, paying them.

I had, so I called them (after he gave them permission to talk to me). The lady there repeated the party line. I informed her that we sure were insured with them, and I'd payed monthly premiums to somebody and I wanted my $1000+ dollars back since they weren't insuring me. She repeated again that they had not received payments. So I pulled up my bank account and gave her a list of the last year's payments, complete with confirmation numbers. Then I pulled up their website, logged in, and gave her the matching dates from there.

Seemingly flustered, she put me on hold. When she came back 10 minutes later, she explained that the payments had been going towards my husband's brother's account, and that his car and policy were listed under that name since last April of 09.

* we've been using the same online bill-pay for around 4 years now. This randomly happened a half a year ago with no action on our part.
* husband's brother has not been insured with this company since he lived at home with his parents in high school. He is now 27.
* we've been getting bills sent to our address like clockwork and my husband's name/policy number is listed correctly on the bills.

I don't want to let this just go under the bridge (because we are leaving the insurance company because of that). Who is the best person to complain to? The corporate office of the insurance provider, or the head of the agent's office?
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