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A few years ago, for my gym class, there was a section where we could leave campus and go bowling for our gym credit, which was cool. I did it twice, I think. It had a small fee and as long as you could get there, whee, easy gym period.
So, the guy who runs our local bowling alley is a complete jackass.
There's a Pepsi machine in there, and one day I decided to get a soda. I put my dollar in, press the button, and nothing happens. Press the buttons for all of the other drinks on there, nothing happens; hit the money-return thing, nothing happens. Machine ate my dollar, obviously.
So, I walk over to where the owner is standing, overseeing the place, and I suppose he was talking to an employee or friend of his. I wait for him to notice me, and politely inform him that the soda machine has eaten my dollar.
He gives me a sort of 'considering' look for a moment, pulls a dollar out of his pocket, and hands it to his friend/employee, who was closer to him. And tells him to treat himself to a soda, all without addressing me past giving me that look-over. Then he walks away.
What the fuck?

The guy got this really confused look on his face and gave me the dollar with an awkward and semi-apologetic, "Er, here you go," and that one worked, so at least I didn't lose my dollar out of the deal.. but still. I have no idea why the owner guy would have done that.
I'm told by other people who've dealt with him that he treats everyone like scum, so...
It's people like him who make me wonder why people so fervently advocate supporting local businesses. All the local-business employees around here hate you and want you to die, the way they act. :/

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