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Police station

I had tried to file a report about my mother's boyfriend. He was getting drugs for her from another country and he is encouraging her to not take any of her medications and she isn't but rather she is taking these drugs he gets her. I have tried everything in my power to make my mother understand that it isn't right but she won't listen and I still try but she won't listen. I go to a police station to ask for advice and to hopefully file a report but this is what they say to me:

Police says: "It is none of your business but your mothers"
Police says: "Unless she has some sort of a mental illness"
I say: "Yes she does have some sort of a mental illness".
Police says: "well it is still none of your business, your mother is a grown woman and she can make her own decisions."
I say: "Not unless she is mentally healthy enough to."
Police says: "Honestly I cannot make a report because it isn't a criminal case."
I say: "For all I know my mothers boyfriend might be drugging her and what if he is a drug dealer, since he is able to give her medications that are off the shelf".
I say: "Would you be able to be held responsible for if my mother goes through some sort of trouble that might take her life?".
Police says: "As I said before it is none of your business and this is something that is out of our hands".
Police says: "Just mind your own business."

No offense or anything but Canada should really work on their code of work ethics or w/e this is not the first time around that I run into bad service.
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