Shinimegami (poofy_whit) wrote in bad_service,

How to drive away a potential customer.

Some weeks back, I started looking around for a new car, as I'd decided to get myself something that dealt better with the severe winter weather around here (especially with my daily drive into the next city). A new KIA dealership had just opened in town, so I thought I'd check them out, since they're known for having a lot of 4-wheel drive models.

Went in with my Mom and was immediately pounced on by a salesperson. I could deal with that, but she was very insistent about getting my name, phone number, and other information. Despite me making it clear that I would not be buying today, I was just looking to see what my options were.

I told the saleslady that I would be using my old car as a trade-in. She called in a senior sales guy to look over my car. I was a little surprised at how gung-ho these two were about checking out my car, but figured it would be a good idea to see what they'd offer for my 2001 Malibu. I'd checked the book-value a few days earlier and was expecting somewhere around $5000.

Salesguy comes back from looking over my car and says that they'd offer me $2500. Um, the hell?

Apparently, he'd noticed some sounds from the engines and told me that there was some part that had rusted through and would need to be replaced. I'd never noticed any engine noises. Neither had any member of my family (all 3 of whom had ridden in my car within the last 12 hours). I took this as my cue to get the hell out of the dealership.

Mom and I went straight to the dealership/auto-shop in town we usually used. We ran into the owner and when I explained what the KIA guys had said, he offered to take a look at my car for me, even drove it around the lot. Turns out, there was no sound, nothing wrong with the engine, and I was offered $5500 for the Malibu on trade-in.

Guess who I bought a pretty Jeep from later that week? For anyone in the Calgary area, Keith's GM is run by awesome folks who will happily bend over backwards to help you out. The KIA down the street, however, I'd avoid at all costs.
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