Bethany (breanyasmommy) wrote in bad_service,

Why I hate Mcdonalds

Yesterday, my family and I went to Walmart. When we first got there, my daughter was really hungry, so I stopped in at the mcdonalds to get some fries for her to snack on while we shopped. Thats all I wanted was dollar fries. My total was $1.07. All I had was a ten and two twenties, so I gave her the ten. I knew it was a ten because I had a five the day before but put it in a slot machine and got $12 back. The attendant gave me a 10 and the ones, my dad saw this, so anyway back to the point. She gives me 3 ones back. I immediatly told her I gave her a ten, she said I didnt. I told her I didnt even have a five to begin with. I argued with her for about 3 minutes all the while her co-worker is telling her to count the drawer. She keeps insisting that I gave her a five and keeps refusing to count her drawer. I see my dad and call him over because I am really upset (I know that five dollars isnt really a big deal but since Im not working it is to me). My dad asks whats wrong and tells the lady I did not have a five to begin with. The lady after about 5 minutes, finally opens the drawer and lo and behold, theres my ten dollar bill in the five dollar slot. I got an apology from the other lady but not the one that tried to scam me out of my five dollars.
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