Heather Michelle (peacelovevogue) wrote in bad_service,
Heather Michelle

why are makeup girls so bitchy?

I bring another bad_service story regarding makeup.

I went into Sephora at my local mall tonight, my sister needed to return a few things, so that's why we went. Nobody even greeted us the entire time we were there, or asked if we needed help. Everyone was just standing around doing nothing. Which I hate! I've worked in retail long enough to know that's just something you don't do. Even if you're swamped you always make an effort to at least say hello to your customers, even if you can't help them. At least that's what a good sales associate does, in my opinion.

So anyway the major suck comes in when we got to the register. So the girl at the register was pretty much ignoring us until I had to get her attention to check out. Again it wasn't busy, there was no line. She wasn't doing anything super important. So she starts to ring my stuff, and just kinda throws it down onto the tissue paper on the counter. I'd like my stuff to say in one piece, thanks so much. Then she says "If you have a beauty card you can just give it to me..", I tell her I don't have it. She then rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh and is like "Ok I'll look it up then.." I was like oh gee so sorry you have to do your JOB! Oh no god forbid that had to happen!!! I've NEVER had an issue at ANY Sephora with them looking up my beauty insider card. They've ALWAYS been able to pull it by my name, birthday, e-mail whatever. She tried 3 different ways and couldn't find me, which led me to believe she just wanted to be snarky and not give me my points. Okay that is an assumption on my part, but really? I've had that card since the program started 3 or so years ago, I wouldn't just magically disappear out of the system. Then she tells me I can go online and sign up for a new one. Uh no sweetheart I ALREADY HAVE ONE, I'm sorry that you're incapable of pulling it up. Why would I get a new one? I was like "No I already have one, I'm not signing up for a new one just forget it..".

Then my sister checks out and returns her stuff, really she was exchanging. So it's not like their conversion and return/exchange rate was going to go down(by much), or they'd lose a sale. The sales girl proceeded to be bitchy about that too. I mean yes I realize it may be annoying that someone brings back a used product, but how can someone know if they like something until they try it? Get over it! It's not like she used the whole thing and then decided she didn't like it. lol!

I REALLY wish a survey had printed out on my receipt, I would have said something for sure. Not like it would have mattered lol. I'm not that upset about the points, that I could careless about. It's just she didn't have to get all huffy about it. I know typing a few key strokes is hard.
Tags: bolding for fun and profit
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