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This is going to be long sorry!

A few months ago, my Sidekick 2009 froze and restarted on its own and when it came back on, my settings were all back to default and I had no ringtones or applications on my phone at all. This was before the whole Danger crash thing, by the way, so I knew it was a problem. I called into customer service and the guy said he'd reset something, had me turn off the phone, then everything would go back to normal with the exception of my texts, which had been erased. I did what he said, everything came back, and things were dandy.

Once again, about two weeks ago, I opened my music player and the phone froze and restarted and all of my settings, texts, e-mail accounts other than my tmail, ringtones, and apps were erased. I restarted the phone to see if that'd help but it just erased any settings I'd reentered (like turning off the obnoxious clicks the phone makes) and put it back on default, which hadn't happened the last time (it just reset once and when I restarted, the settings all stayed.) I did a soft reset and it reset yet again.

I called TMobile and spoke to a girl and explained my situation. She asked if I had another phone that I could call from and I said no, I only have my cell and no land line. She gave me a loooong sigh and asked if I had heard the recording at the beginning of the call to say I shouldn't be on the phone I'm having trouble with? I said yes, I had, but it also says if it's not possible to be on another phone, stay on the line. Also, last time I'd had a similar problem, it was fine. She insisted that I would need to call in on another phone or there was nothing they could do. Fine. Whatever. I had to go to work anyway so I figured I'd wait it out until the next day and maybe everything would be back. Next morning, everything is still gone. I call in again, and yet again I get told that I need to be on a different line. I had the day off, so I head to the tmo stand at the mall.

"Can I help you with anything?" dude asks. I say, "Yes actually" and set my phone on the counter. The moment that the guy sees it, he backs away and informs me that he can't help me. He didn't even let me say what was wrong, he just automatically jumped to "Can't help you!" I explained the situation anyway and he said that I could call customer care from their phone, so I do. I get another girl who tells me that it's probably just the Danger outage. Hmmm, no, I didn't lose anything but my web browser during the outage, this happened after my phone had frozen. I explain exactly what happened and what was missing again, but apparently all that she hears is that my forwarded email accounts aren't there anymore because she tells me repeatedly that if they're gone, they're probably not coming back.

I manually linked the email accounts so it's not like I really lost them or anything, it's just something else that had been erased, what I'm really worried about is the fact that any time I turn off my phone or it loses service, I lose all of my settings. I tell her that, of course, but she keeps going on about how my emails probably won't be coming back. I inform her again that all I really want to fix are my settings and she finally stops talking about the emails and asks if I had soft reset the phone. I say yes. She says we'll "try something else" and walks me through all of the steps of a reset again despite the fact that I'd told her I'd done it already. All while I'm doing this she repeatedly asks "done yet? Done yet? Aren't you don't yet?" while the tmo guy I'm actually standing by is laughing about how upset I'm getting. What? Ugh.

Either way, I restart the phone and once again, all of my settings are back to default and nothing is restored. I tell the lady on the phone this and she again tells me that my emails probably won't be back. By this point, I just want to bash my head through the wall, so I say I'll talk to the tech here and hang up. The tech again says he can't help me and I said that was fine, all I wanted was to get off the phone and away from him LAUGHING and making jokes at me. I leave and head to see my mom at work and borrow her phone but each time I call, I get some message about how their phones are too busy to take calls. Greeeeat. I give the phone back to my mom and then have to wait a couple more days until I can borrow it again to call back to customer care. It's been four or five days now and still no service, I tell the girl who answers. She checks my account and tells me that the last girl had written that I needed to do a soft reset. Which she already had me do and which I'd done myself before. I tell the girl I'm on the phone with now that that is not what needs to be done. I explain that I think my sk isn't syncing correctly and that's why I keep losing everything. Girl says she thinks it's the Danger outage, which was supposed to have been fixed other than the catelog which has nothing to do with my settings other than my ringtones being gone. I tell her this and she still says it's probably the outage.

Finally, I just ask for a supervisor. I get put on hold and when someone picks up it's a man who is clearly new or something. He's stammering all over the place, fumbling up my info, getting my phone number wrong repeatedly - really not someone who should be dealing with someone as upset as I am. I ask if he's a supervisor and he's not. I ask for a supervisor and he puts me on hold. When he comes back he asks for my info again. Puts me on hold. Asks for more info. Puts me on hold. I ask for a supervisor again and finally he transfers me. To another department or person, but NOT to a supervisor. I explain my situation yet again to this new girl and she tells me there's another outage going on and that's why I had no service.

... except I DO have service, that's not what I called in about at all!

I explain AGAIN about my phone going back to default all the time and the girl apologizes and tells me that she sympathizes because she has a sidekick and when Danger went out, she couldn't call her daughter. ...okay. I ask how we're going to fix this and she repeats that there's a service outage again and that's why I don't have service. Then she repeats the story about not being able to call her daughter. Then she tells me there's nothing she can do and that I'm breaking up. So I just hang up. By this point I'd been on the phone for over an hour and a half, a good chunk of time on hold, too.

I called again a couple of days ago and got some man claiming that he was a Sidekick Expert and "we're totally gonna get this fixed!" even though none of the last three people had left notes on my account. I repeat what's up AGAIN and the guy just goes, "huh, that's weird. Have you done a soft reset?" Yes. I've. Done. A. Soft. Reset. I get told yet again about the Danger outage and I inform him again that the problems started far after any service problems I'd had when Danger went out. This specifically happened after my phone had frozen and restarted. I'd had it happen before and they fixed it right away. The guy just tells me the steps of a soft reset again, then tells me that if I go on the website, there's a place to restore my contacts (which I was never missing at all this entire time.) He tells me that he'll check my account and make sure everything's active and it is. Then he starts reading me things saved onto my phone, like the number of contacts I have, and trying to sell me a new minutes plan. Like I even want the plan I HAVE with all of these problems. Then he asks me what I like and dislike about tmo, then reccommends a soft reset again. Finally, I just end the call.

Today, I get my catelog back and my ringtones come with it, which makes sense. But I'm still getting my settings erased when the phone is turned off, and all of my bookmarks and email addresses that I didn't add back are still gone. I call in and ask for a supervisor and get informed that they're all busy, but the person I'd talking to would be happy to walk me through a soft reset. No. Thank you. End call.

I'm at my wits end. This is truly ridiculous and I have no idea what to do. Again, I don't care about the emails or the bookmarks, what I care about is the fact that my phone keeps overriding any of my settings when I turn off the phone and that I talked to so many people and not a single one knows what to do. I've made enough customer service calls in the past couple of weeks to last me a life time. I used to really like my phone and now I just want to get the hell away from it as fast as I can, but I know I can't afford a termination fee. I don't know what else I can do!
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