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As if buying a home isn't stressful enough

My boyfriend and I decided that it was time to get out of our 400 square foot studio apartment and into our own house (my boyfriend was dying to get another puppy, and he loves pitbulls, and most apartments aren't so pitbull friendly). As luck would have it, we find an absolutely adorable one for pretty much dirt cheap, and we begin negotiations.

So we go through the whole house buying experience (arrrgg.....), and in doing so we shop around a few places looking for home insurance. We get quotes from a few places, pick the one that fits us best, and go on with the buying process.

Then after all is said and done and we've been living in the house for more than a month, we get a letter from one of the places we got a quote from (QUOTE, mind you. We didn't sign a thing) saying that our payment was due immediately. Thinking it was just a mistake, I gave them a call and let them know we'd gone with someone else. I got the lady's name, just in case (thank goodness), and went about my way.

A month later we get another letter from them, now saying that our bill is past due. I call the lady back, and she said she would "note my account", but that she didn't recommend going without home insurance. I reminded her that we had gone with someone else, that we had never signed up for their insurance in the first place, and hung up, thinking it was over.

A week later we get a letter from the mortgage company saying that our insurance had contacted them about us canceling our home insurance. I called the mortgage company, explained what was going on (we had already prepaid a year's worth of insurance with our chosen company as part of our closing costs), and they told me not to worry about it.

For the next month or so we didn't hear anything, so we forgot about it and went about our lives.

Until last week, when I got a call from the mortgage company saying that some insurance company had written them asking them to pay some insurance bill. I didn't recognize the name, so I did some research only and it's the same stinking company that we've had trouble with, operating under their other name! (they're a local Progressive branch, and they had sent the latest bill under their office's name). I told my mortgage company not to accept ANY bills or ANY requests from any insurance company except our current one (Farmers, who has been awesome).

I think that everything is FINALLY taken care of now, but what I want to know is...can they bill me for insurance that I never signed for? And besides consumerist and ripoffreport, where can I report these guys?

The plus side is, we did get our puppy :)
Tags: insurance woes
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