Gwendolen (everanddespair) wrote in bad_service,

Minor suck, but still...

On Friday, my friends and I went to see our friend T in the hospital. On the way back, R, who was driving, ran out of gas. She drives a Prius. How you run out of gas in a hybrid, I have no idea (I mean, I know the how, just not the why).

So we have to pull over on the highway. R has her 1 year old son with us, and he was passed out until he realized the car was stopped.
So My friend S called AAA and they give us gas. Well, the car would not register that we had gas now and was freaking out. It wouldn't turn off or do ANYTHING and the battery was draining.

The AAA guy offers to jump the battery, but my friend was told by Toyota that if anyone touched ANYTHING under the hood they will die and no one but a Toyota certified mechanic can touch it.
So the AAA guy leaves and we're getting cold and kinda freaked out.
R called Toyota and they say, "well they can jump the auxiliary battery which is in the back." great.
I did not hear this conversation as I was in the process of calling AAA for a tow (I have Plus, S has Basic). Here is where the suck starts:
I tell the AAA dispatcher that there are five of us. Four adults and a one year old child (who was getting fussy). I said we would all need to ride with the driver and that we do indeed have a car seat (she made me verify three times that we had a cars eat). So the tow truck driver got there and OH he only has room for two because the AAA lady never told him how many people there were! Awesome.

Luckily, it worked out because at the EXACT moment the tow truck driver got there, so did S's girlfriend. So S and I rode with the driver and R, C, and the kid rode with S's girlfriend. But if she had not come, and we had no one to come get any of us, what would we have done? That could have been really bad. So I was kind of annoyed that the AAA dispatcher didn't tell the tow truck driver that there were five of us.

The two truck driver was awesome though and he jumped the auxiliary battery and the car started right up (apparently, the car has to be on flat ground to register that there is gas anyway, so jumping the battery the first time probably wouldn't have worked).

I also decided that I will never own a hybrid if they are that much of a PITA.
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