Holly (jade_lightning) wrote in bad_service,

So I was at Safeway with my mom yesterday and since there was a line we used the self-checkout since we didn't want to wait. Everything was going okay until mom did something, I don't even remember, and the screen went to the "please get assistance" screen and our light started flashing red. It's a pretty simple fix, the employee watching the self checkouts just comes over and fixes the problem, but they do need to come do it because we don't know how to bring up the right screen.

We looked over to the lady running it and she's looking away from the area (and her screen) at a baby that's in the express checkouts. We wait for a minute and all she does is go over to the baby and start talking with it's mom about how cute it is and stuff. We wait for another minute and she's still over there so my mom has to go over and get her. After she fixes the problem she just goes back over to the baby instead of staying at her station so she can help people.

It's not something I'd mind if we were the only people using the machines and we came over to them while she was already gone, but since all 4 machines had people on them with more waiting to use them shouldn't she maybe stay at her station so she can do her job, or at least keep an eye on them while she's away?

It's a pretty minor thing I know but it just bothered me, especially since the store was pretty busy at the time.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, it's only bad service if you die, wank
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