I'm not on crack • I'm straight up mentally ill (1_2_trio) wrote in bad_service,
I'm not on crack • I'm straight up mentally ill

This is just something that annoyed me when I went into subway yesterday.

I live in Amsterdam, and there's a LOT of tourists here and als a lot of foreigners living here, that don't speak dutch. I work at a movie theatre and about 30% of all the people I talk to don't speak Dutch, not a problem, I can switch to English just as easily, but it really annoys me when I walk in a store and I get greeted in English, we still live in the Netherlands people. But maybe that's just me. What I REALLY can't appreciate however, is when the employees talk amongst each other in a different language.
I ordered a sub, and the guy really wasn't listening to me, I had to repeat "no tomatoes" twice, and "no cucumber" 3 times, he had already put it on, while I was practically screaming NO CUCUMBER at him, when he took it off, he seemed really annoyed and he and his coworker started talking to each other, in another language, that I didn't understand. I really don't know what they were talking about, but it just really gave me the idea they were talking to me. You work in the Netherlands, I don't care if your first language isn't dutch, but when there's customers around, I think it's pretty rude to talk in another language they can't understand.

Then, when I was ready to pay, I took out my debit card, and the guy asked if it was maestro or visa. I just went like... huh? since it's pretty uncommon to pay with a credit card here, ESPECIALLY for small things like a sandwich. Anyway, I said it was just my pincard, and swiped it and entered my pincode, and the guy asks to see my ID... uhm.. what? I told him once again, that it was just my debit card, and NOT a credit card, and he seemed pretty confused, looked at the receipt and said "oh yeah, okay, bye"

IDK it just really irked me.

[ETA] WOW. people really need to take a chill pill. I have no promblem WHATSOEVER against foreigners, or people talking in another language, speak in your own made up language for all I care. But when you're working in the service industry, with customers around, I think it's fair for me to expect you speak the language of the country you're working in. I don't think this makes me a xenophobic, if you do, then great for you, but please stop trying to convince me i'm something I'm not, I don't appreciate it one bit.

Also, seeing that most of the posts of people actually agreeing with me are by other dutchies, makes me think that it's probably a cultural difference.
Tags: cool story bro!, deli/sandwich shop, language wank, mod comment, mod freeze, this can only end in beers, wank, xenophobic screwball
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