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Angel of Night

Clinic Suck

I was having problems with my doctors office, a new doctor there is really driving the practice down, so my husband convinced me to change my PCP to his clinic. Not only are the doctors nicer there, but the ckinic is really convienent being right down the street from our house. This is important seeing as we work nights and the less time we spend travelling to the office means that there is more time in which we can actually see a doctor. Extra bonus, this is a clinic I am very familliar with, seeing as my grandparents and many friends/neighbors go there because of the convience and the quality of care. (This clinic is affiliated with the local hospital, one of the better ones in the city.) While they do make appointments, they also gladly take walk-ins, seeing as people dont always know when they are going to get sick

So I got sick yesterday and had to stay home from work. In order to return to work without issue I need to see a doctor and have him fill out a form (gotta love civil service.) So thinking the office was open until eight. I woke up late for me (around four) and I walked over at five pm.

The office was closed. A little confused, I double check the sign next to the door for business hours. (Open Mon-Thurs until 8pm, Fri-Sat open until 5pm.) Okay this was my mistake, I thought they were open until eight on weeknights.

"Hmmm 5pm sat?" I think to myself. "I can work with that, I will see hubby off to work then come up to the clinic, get my forms filled out, and maybe ask about how to prevent a repeat of getting sick like this, no problem" I went back to the house to curl up under the blankets and after telling hubby about the confusion with office hours I went inside to be sick in peace.

Today, alarm clock goes off at 2:30, I get hubby off to work and myself dressed and ready to go to the clinic. At 3:30 sharp I am at their front door... only to find them locked. >.< Confused I looke through the glass outer door, and the window in the inner door to see the staff putting on their coats and things to leave. One lady comes out and stands on the opposite side of the glass outer doors to have the following conversation. (we had to each read lips and mouth words at each other because she refused to open the door so we could properly hear each other.)

Lady: We are closed!
Me: But the office hours posted say you're open until five.
Lady: No we close at 3:30, all our patients know that.
Me: Obviously not since my husband is a patient here and if hed known he would have told me.
Lady: We always close at 3:30pm, you should have made an appointment.
Me: But every time I come here with hubby hes a walk in and you have no problem?
Lady: ..... *shrug* Still we are closed.
Me: So why havent you changed this big sign by the door that says you are open until five?
Lady: *Shrug*
Me: Yeah, thanks. (for nothing!) *turns and walks away*

Seriously? Yesterday was my mistake, I had misread the sign and thought that every week night the clinic would be open until eight. Today though, today just sucked.

*Edit lj-cut text.
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