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The Roadrunner has been eaten.

So, for the past month to two months, I've been noticing some severe slowdown on my internet service. I play some games online, and started noticing that I couldn't load any textures. Not only that, but I couldn't even stream youtube videos. Something was seriously jacked.

So I call the cable company, go through an hour of troubleshooting, then get told "You have perfect signal. Try swapping out the modem and if that doesn't work, call back."

Swap it out, doesn't work. This week that I've been keeping an eye on my speeds, they've been a max of 4mbps, and a fairly constant 1.2mbps. YES, so wtf am I paying for? These are less than decent DSL connection speeds. I pay for "turbo" internet, which is supposed to be between 7mbps and 15mbps, with a max of 20mbps. Yet I'm not getting that.

Call the cable company back, and am forced to go through an additional hour of troubleshooting (wherein the tech tells me that I don't know anything about my connection - yea, I don't have testicles, but I wasn't even suggesting that anything was the issue, I was just telling him something that made/may have had something to do with the connection going up for a short amount of time - he also ignores me when I tell him my second PC's connection speed was the same as the first).

They finally schedule a tech to come out, who basically just says, "Your signal is fine, but your town has too many people trying to use Roadrunner Turbo. We'll get this fixed................... ev...ventu...ally.... >_>" What a waste of their and my time. There was NO need to send him out, when they could have simply told me that over the phone.

So basically... my connection speeds are shot because the cable company oversold their Roadrunner Turbo service.

Any suggestions on how to go about getting some of my money back? And yes, I'm calling tomorrow to cancel the "turbo" part of the service.

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