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Stupid, Stupid Car Salesmen!- My first post here

I live in the Pittsburgh, PA, USA area, full of car dealerships. When my husband's truck had to be taken off the road (for a major rebuild and restoration), we decided we would need a more 'practical' car for everyday running around in. Hubby told me exactly what he wanted, and I went out the first time to look around. He wanted a nicely maintained, used, four-door car, preferably not red, with a V6, a moon or sun roof, and a five speed. None of these points were negotiable. My budget was a maximum of 8,000$ USD.
The first such dealership I visited advised me that my request was unreasonable. They tried to show me a truck, a 2-door, and a minivan (automatic trans!). I repeated my requests, and they continued to not let me leave, all the while showing me vehicles that didn't match my criteria. I thanked them for wasting my time and left.
The second dealership argued with me about the transmission (my husband wont buy an automatic because he cant fix them). One asshat even told me "You don't need a stick." I looked him straight in the eye and advised him that my large, tempermental husband did. He wandered off in a hurry. The only manual car I was shown was obviously beat up and the engine had a loud knock. No thankies, I left there as well.
Finally, in desperation, I pulled into a tiny little dealership a friend has recommended. I thought she had to have been kidding. The old gent who ran the dealership owned the place, and he had 14 cars on his lot. All were gently used, well-scrubbed and waxed, and the engines were spotless. I calmly repeated my requirements to him. He smiled and showed me TWO acceptable prospects.
Two days later, hubby became the proud owner of a 1997 manual VW Passat, V6, all leather interior, heated seats, sunroof, and she is a forest green with glitter (glittery paint job, I dont know the correct term, sorry). We paid 6400$. It was gently used, with a little under 40,000 miles on it.
If more people were like that old man, the world would be a happier place! He never condescended or tried to argue with me. When I rejected his other car (mileage too high) he AGREED with me and showed me the Passat. All those other car salesmen were jackasses.
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