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A few small sucks/WTFs

Let me preface by saying none of these are really major, just annoying as hell. I normally wouldn't even post them, but a conversation just reminded me of them.

If you're running drivers license testing for a G1 (learner's), and someone calls you asking about which forms of ID are allowable, upon which you say birth certs are, awesome. The not awesome? When they ask if even out of country ones are, you again say yes, and they get there only to find out....no, not so much.


My mom had called to see if we could use mine (from Germany) when I went to get my license at 17. They told her yes, so in the spare hour between school and my dentist appointment, we went over to the church to do it. Get there and they go "Oh no, we can't take that, it's in a book." Had they at least said maybe, we wouldn't have had to run home and get my proof of citizenship, and end up late to my dentist appointment. Like I said, not a huge suck, but really, really annoying, since I live in the freaking boonies, and they could have just said "it depends, bring it but bring another source anyway, just in case."

These two are a little more annoying. First, a little backstory. I have terrible teeth, weak enamel to the point that its almost like I eat a piece of chocolate, and hey look, cavity. I didn't go to a dentist from the age of eight to 16. The only reason I started going was because my teeth hurt SO badly, and I had huge, visible holes. It was a problem.

So I went in to get a cavity filled, and then my dentist told me I either needed a root canal on my back tooth or just to have it pulled, but he pointed out the root canal would be crazy expensive and still not save the tooth, so I said fuck it, and had it pulled.

The thing is, I saw his partner (at the time) for it. When you novacaine me, and I can STILL feel everything you're doing? It's an issue. And I don't mean I could feel pressure, I could feel PAIN. And that was before he even really started pulling the tooth, it was while he was just first starting. When I told him I was still in a buttload of pain and thought I might need more novacaine? He looked at me and went "Oh no, you're fine, you're just imagining that it hurts!"

I sat up so fast my head spun and refused to lay down till he gave me more numbing. (Note: I wasn't a dick about it, I just know how my body takes to it. For example, I had a filling done in one tooth where my densist had to give me novacaine about six times before I couldn't feel the drill.)

But seriously, especially somewhere like the dentist which a lot of people are afraid of, WHY would you tell a patient they're imagining things, and leave them in pain that you can fix?

Another dentist minor issue.

Saw yet ANOTHER dentist after the already mentioned appointments just for a checkup/cleaning so they knew what needed to be done. I'm a curious person, so when she was telling the hygenist the different things about my teeth, I would ask her what they meant. Each time I got the "I'll explain after." She finished cleaning my teeth and everything, and so I asked her again what the different things meant, and her responce was to look at me completely deer in the headlights, tell me she'd be back in a sec, and take off. Never saw her again before the hygenist hustled me out, or any time I've been back since.

Found out from MY dentist after, and really how hard would it have been to explain "Weak enamel" "hole" "tooth worn down"? *facepalm* It was just such a WTF, Really? Sort of thing, that I didn't even know what to say about it.
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