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So for the last two weeks or so, the contact in my right eye has been moving around almost every time I blink. At first I thought the lens was just getting old, but changing it didn't help and the new lens moves when I blink, too. I decided that I should go see my optometrist today, since I was going to be home anyway. I called this morning and made an appointment.

Now, this particular office goes through doctors like crazy. The guy I saw today was the same guy I saw back in September for my yearly, and he had only been there a few months before that. He seemed a bit rude the first time I saw him, but I brushed it off. No big deal. Well today, this man pissed me off like you wouldn't believe.

When I was taken back into the exam room, the very first thing he said was, "You probably put the lens in backwards" without looking at my chart or reading the symptoms I told the receptionist. So I told him that, in the ten years I have been wearing my contacts, not once have I ever put them in wrong because I know the right side from the wrong side; it's pretty obvious. He rolled his eyes and leaned in to look at the contact in my eye. Of course, as luck would have it, the lens was okay at this point. The doctor thought I was lying about the problem since he couldn't see it moving. I explained that it usually started happening later in the afternoon, once I had been awake and active for a while. Again, he didn't believe me.

I told him again that the issue was starting to effect my health (it is giving me horrible headaches because the movement was making me dizzy), and this time he told me it was probably swelling and gave me medicated eye drops without giving me any information on the side effects, even after he said there might be some. Then he rushed me out of the room, refusing to answer any of my questions, of which I had many, instead just repeating over and over and over that I had to take my contacts out and wear my glasses - not addressing any of the concerns I had about anything. Look, man, I know I need to take my contacts out and wear my glasses. I get that. But you're not listening to me! You're not listening to my questions about your (very fast) diagnosis!

The kicker, though, comes when I'm back at the desk to make another appointment.

Doctor: "How often do you change your contact?"
Me: "Every four weeks, sometimes sooner."
Him: "Do you wear them over night?"
Me: "Yes, I have the overnight wear contacts, Night and Day. I've used them for three years now and have never had any trouble."
He shakes his head and says: "You should never wear contacts over night. You should know better than that. Unfortunately, I am never going to prescribe these for you again."

His tone of voice was so condescending. He spoke to me like I was a dirty, irresponsible child who doesn't know how to take care of herself. Needless to say, I am never going back there again. In fact, I'm even going to see another optometrist for a second opinion once I'm back at school.

Good grief.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy
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