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Short, but quite sucky.

What kind of company doesn't let you talk to a person, at all?  I hate that.  

I called Homesite Insurance Company-- they're a subsidiary of Progressive that does homeowner's insurance-- and they took me through a completely automated menu.  Okay, not unusual, but since I'm an agent I needed to talk to a person.  We had received a check that was made out to the company directly, so SOP is that we call the company, let them know we have a payment, then send it along to them.  We don't often write with Homesite, so I didn't have an address on hand.

So I go through the whole menu and there's no address option or "send your payment here" or anything, so I look for an option to talk to someone.  There's no option to speak to a representative or anything else like that, until I get back to the "make a payment" section of billing.  Finally, the automated voice says "Press 3 to speak with a customer service representative."  Ah, finally.  I press 3.  The automated voice then says "Thank you for calling.  Goodbye!" and the call is ended.  What the hell kind of shit is that?  There's NO WAY to talk to a person.  I mean, I know they like to avoid people just calling about stuff they could take care of with the automation, but dang.
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