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Not a huge life-or-death suck, but still irritating...

I turned 18 last May and I live in the UK: thus I have been able to legally buy alcohol for nearly six months. I don't like the taste, so I've only done so three or four times (cooking wine and presents for other people), and every time has been from my local Somerfields store.

Now, I think that I look like a fetus look my age, or possibly a little younger - I have a bit of a baby face. I certainly think that I look under twenty-five, so logically, I should be carded for alcohol under Somerfields' "Ask 25, Sell 18" policy.

Not according to the lovely cashiers. I have never been carded once when buying alcohol in there. When the prompt comes up on their tills saying "Does the customer look under 25?", they all push no and continue with the transaction. I have actually seen the prompt and see them press the button.

And then there was the lady who pressed the button, then peered at me and said, "Yeah, you look just about twenty-five..."

D8! Just D8!

Please, Somerfields, stop doing that. I'm starting to get paranoid that I look seven years older than I actually do, and I'm too young for this sort of age-related paranoia!

Edited to change wording in title from "niggling" to "irritating" in case anybody was offended. Hope that's okay.

Edit: It seems that the majority think that there's no bad_service here, so I'm probably just being over-sensitive. Sorry!
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