Maggie (uncreative_user) wrote in bad_service,

Okay. This is so freaking hilarious (to me at least) that I have to post it.
My mom has been without internet for the past month. She has Xipline through our cable company and one day it just stopped working. So, she calls them up. They tell her it's probably her router. She buys a new one, still nothing. She buys a new wireless adapter, still nothing. This back and forth goes on for a month. They eventually say that it has to be the drivers in her computer. Well, her computer sucks, so she could believe that.
Yesterday, me and my boyfriend stopped by to give her my old laptop, since I just got a new desktop. She was excited, because now she would be able to get on the internet.
Except, not. We told her that the last time we stopped by (to get said new desktop) the internet didn't work. Even when we connected to it directly using the ethernet.
I thought steam was going to shoot out of her head.
"That means it's the modem, right?"
We just shook our heads. Yeah, it had to be that.
So, we're just sitting there talking for a bit and she realizes something.
They were a day late on their payment last month (I know, that's bad on them, but stuff happens.). After they paid, the cable came back on, but the internet never did.
She walks to her room, calls them, then comes back.
"I'm going to kill someone."
Yeah, I'm sure you can guess what happened. They never reconnected her internet after the bill was paid. They essentially cost her a good $100 in new equipment that she didn't need to pay. They also could have cost her a job, because she needs the internet to work. They also blamed her every time she called for all of the problems. Because there's no way it could be them right?
Anyway, they told her to come in today and talk to their billing department and that it should get fixed.
I just hope she doesn't get the cops called on her. >.>

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