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bad diner experience

Last night some of my friends and I realized we were hungry. We live in Santa Cruz, CA and being that it's a small(ish) town, stuff just doesn't stay open very late. There are a small handful of restaurants that stay open into the wee hours of the morning, so we picked the one closest to us to go to. We left the house at 11PM to go to a restaurant called Saturn. Saturn is commonly known for their vegetarian food and their shitty service. I've never had a bad experience though until last night.

There were 6 of us so I can understand having to wait for a table, especially since it was late and crowded. We waited for a half hour until we got seated. The host was very nice, trying to find us a table without having to wait all night. He was probably the only person there that seemed relatively interested in giving us a good dining experience.

The boys we were with were tired of waiting for a table, so they went up to the bar and ordered two pitchers of beer and were drinking that. Us girls were sitting at the front of the restaurant waiting. Finally the nice host got us seated a table big enough for all of us and told us we'd be helped shortly.

We all knew what we wanted and were hoping to order quickly. But again, it was busy, so we waited and were talking. We realized after 20 minutes that we hadn't been helped yet. So we flagged down a waiteress and asked if we could order. She kind of nodded and then walked away, without giving us much response. We decided if we had to wait 10 more minutes we would just leave and find something else open. Our waitress came up to us before those 10 minutes were up, but barely.

We all ordered our food and got it faster than usual for this restaurant.

We ate our meals, but we were never offered refills, never checked on, nothing. This really wasn't a huge issue to us, but when it came time to get our check and our waitress was somewhere out of sight, it got annoying. And when we asked another waitress if they could help us get our bill and had to wait 15 minutes for them to sort it out, that's REALLY annoying.

We got the check and realized it was WAY high for what we had ordered. Only 5 of us had eaten and the bill was for almost $70. Apparently they charged us for the beer that the boys had drank (and paid for already) at the bar earlier. Luckily they still had the receipt to that.

My friend Alan went up to the waitress to contest the charge, with the receipt and the new bill in hand. He had to fight with them for about 5 minutes to take the charge off, because they were claiming that the boys had ordered 2 more pitchers while we were sitting at the table. The only drinks we ordered were water, coke, and a milkshake. Considering he had the receipt, it was ridiculous that they were giving him any trouble about it at all.

Also - they charged a 20% gratuity on top of everything. I kept telling my friend Stephanie, who was putting the thing on her card, to change the tip line because they definitely didn't deserve 20%. She tried, and guess what! They STILL charged her for the tip. I wanted her to take it up with the manager, but unfortunately she didn't. :-/

Basically, won't be going back to Saturn.
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