Lenora (jettakd) wrote in bad_service,

Starbucks Bad Service

I'd never actually thought that (aside from an incident with a hospital) I would ever have been treated bad enough by an employee to make me want to cry. I was wrong apparently.

Usually I go to the Starbucks on my college campus and have great service there, but today I was out in town so I stopped at a different one.

I went in to the store, grabbed a bottled water and went up to the counter to ask for the pastry I wanted. That's where the trouble starts.

The barista working at the counter gives me this condescending look up and down and actually snorts at me! I don't know why to be honest, and though it pissed me off it's not something I would post to bad_service about. What this post is about is what happened immediately after I paid and is probably the worst I've been treated ever by someone in the food/drink service industry.

I have nerve damage in my hands that makes it hard to grip things in general (invisible disability and all that so I wouldn't be angry at her at all for not knowing) but I also have a huge cast on my left hand from where I broke my finger last week. Big white bandages, silver brace, whole nine yards. So, because of these, I'm having some trouble opening my water bottle. I try holding it against my chest, holding against the table, and so on, but the cap won't budge. I figure, it'll be better to get help before I make an ass of myself in public swearing at a water bottle, so I wait for the line to be empty and go up to the counter to ask the barista if she'll open it for me please?

She gives me this disbelieving look and asks me how I can't get that bottle open, Ethos bottles have easy to open caps, yadda yadda yadda. I've literally never had someone go on a spiel like this woman did. A simple no would have sufficed, but she has to thoroughly make me feel like and incapable adult because I couldn't open a water bottle. So I just tell her to nevermind, and I go back to the little nook where I had all my stuff and kept trying to open it.

Finally, it comes open, but I'd been pulling on it so hard, water sloshes out all over me, the table, and the floor. I was insanely lucky it didn't get on my laptop. I was embarrassed enough as one may guess, but it was lunch hour so I pretty much soaked myself in front of a ton of people. I get up to go get some napkins from behind the counter, and I notice something:

The barista is laughing her head of at me.

It was so damn embarrassing, I just grabbed all my stuff and left. I feel bad for whoever had to clean up my mess, but I have never felt more unwelcome anywhere in my life, and even though I don't know the barista's name, I'm thinking of filing a complaint with her shift and description (and the one she works for of course) at corporate. And I am never going to any Starbucks but the one at my school again.
Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels
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